Djokovic vs Nadal - what a match!

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I admit: I am not a tennis player, but I do enjoy watching it and since Australian Open had this amazing match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic and I could not resist watching it, spending my Sunday morning somehow different than I imagined (for example taking a walk with Peter, some reading, you know stuff for the soul or mind), but no here I was, shouting, getting all agitated due to match which actually did not influence in any way my life, but it was so amazing!

At one point I thought, how their bodies must have felt, but their brains did not allow any pain. They jumped, twiched, twirled, gave everthing, sweated, focused. I never felt such a presence from two players, you could actually ‘touch’ their concentration.

So many tight points, so much energy and force behind the balls, the speed was simply amazing.

And then the tie break in the fourth game, oh dear me, I really thought I will have a heart attack, so exciting, so dramatic, so full of life.

The resilience, the coolness, the strenght, the stuborness, the involvement, the dedication to the moment.

At one point I could not resist the tension anymore and I stood up in my living room, jumping around, shouting, pacing and trying to cope with this match. Come on, someone must win, after four hours and then the tie break, can one of you end this? Please!

Come on Novak!

Well yes, I am his fan, he is such an amazing player, not that Nadal is not good, please do not get me wrong!

But no, Nadal nails it, after 88 minutes for the fourth game, he is still there, so here we go, another coffee, another water, a new game is to be played.

I need a rest, I honestly do, I feel under so much pressure, a small amount from what these two guys must have felt.

Where do they take so much energy? Do explain how they manage to get so fresh after more than 4 hours of playing? Tennis is my mind a true battle against your oponent, you don’t fight the time, you simply try to be better than the other, it involved technique, intelligence and the ability of foreseeing what the other might do next.

Well I post this review now after 5 hours of an amazing time spend in front of the TV, when I stilll believe that Novak will win, somehow the result does not count, right? The feelings which I had (and still have) were and still are GREAT!



I love playing tennis but I'm not very good. I have a huge respect for those who play at this leve.

@Rick - same here, and guess what? NOVAK WON :)

There is something wonderful watching two people who excel at something compete against each other.

@Sarah - it was so amazing, I did not believe that I will be stuck more than 5 hours in front of the TV :)

How do they have the stamina to play for that long?! Can just imagine you leaping around your living room!


@Emma - well I was :) I guess the neighbours were not that happy :)

I love playing tennis. Just wish I could be good at it.


@Joyce - well at least you know how to play :)

We were listening to it on the radio. Imagine, almost 6 hours. Absolutely incredible. The stamina they must have, and they must be SO fit. My husband concluded that Tennis Players must be the most fit of all sportsmen. Puts into perspective the whining football players who only have to play for 90 minutes, with a 15 minute break, and then they're not running around all the time!!!

@Diane - your husband's conclusion is so true! I fully agree!

excellent review and awesome photos :0)

@Brenda - thank you :)

Wasn't it a amazing game, I dont know how they do it.

That is how excited I get watching the hockey playoffs! I used to play a bit of tennis and loved it. That sounds like an exciting game and I'm glad your favorite won.

great story and pictures!

There is something not right about a sport that takes six hours to decide a winner. I am thinking the rules will be changed soon. It is too cruel to spectators and athletes alike! Surely a time limit is the answer just like in 20 over-cricket, soccer, American football, etc. It is a sport after all, not a life and death struggle!

Nice review and play by play. I am sort of Nadal fan. It is exciting watching pros at their peak!

Anonymous says:

I saw part of the match. It is amazing how their bodies can endure such a grueling game for so long. Great review!

@Luan - it was a great game indeed!
@Belle - you did play tennis? Wow!
@Danneromero - yes, it was a great story, a moment in history!
@Michael - I disagree with you, tennis is a great sport because it has no time limitation, if new rules would apply it would change its core appeal. As for the cruelty I saw no dissapointment on the spectators' faces and the players are trained for this as well.
@Anna - sorry then :(
@KAT - yes, training is key!

i watched a bit of it on tv... i can play tennis and i'm OK at it... my dad coaches me :) i think the game lasted for nearly 6 hours. i went for Novak too

@Luma - well yes, in the end almost 6 brilliant hours!

The most amazing match! Made me miss tennis so much! I played for nine years and gosh I want to get back on the court!


I have zero interest in tennis, and the thought of two grunting people hitting a ball for hours makes my brain hurt. However... I love how your enthusiasm shines through in this review. Brilliantly done, Claudia :o)

@Sarah - yes, that was the feeling which I got as well, go play :)
@Gill - thank you, I had fun writing it!

Yay, I am so glad to find another tennis fan on the blogosphere! Their matches are always great, although I'm not sure about the next biggie on clay.

@Pam - we shall see, the 2012 season will be interesting for sure!

Anonymous says:

I saw this: "So many tight points," but at first glance, my brain registered this: So many tight pants. :OD

@Beth - dirty mind :)

I've never been a Tennis fan--but it sounds pretty riveting!! Thanks for sharing :) Jenn

@Jenn -the game was worth watching!

LOL @Beth! great take on the subject! I watch tennis from time to time and I love a close game!

I watched that match while rocking and walking a wee Grace! She seemed to be relaxing watching someone else get a work out!

@Lady Haha - I also loved the match!
@Sush - sweet Grace!

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