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There are days which can only be defined as happy, great, funny, enjoyable. I am simply and plainly happy, I have a couple of great days behind (no special reason, but sometimes you do not need any right?) and today was the same, looking back at the past hours all I can share with you is :) Hoping that my good mood is contagious and that your weekend will brighten, as do the last days, more anymore light, the nature is getting ready for spring!



What a lovely post Claudia.

You have certainly made me smile!

I hope that all is well with you and that you are warm and cosy and not suffering too badly with bad weather.

Have a lovely weekend and I will try to catch up with your great blog!


What a wonderfully upbeat and, yes, infectious post, Claudia. I am delighted for you, knowing that life is great and that you're overflowing with an inner, comforting sense of well-being. Contentment! I wish for you another truly happy week.

I'm glad you're happy. As for spring, we never had a true winter this year. I hope at least one good snow will hit us in February because I could use a day off. :)


That is one of my very favourite quotes. Yes, your happiness is infectious and has spread all the way across the channel to England! Wonderful!

We should all have days like this. So simple and yet so few and far between. Enjoy it my friend. You certainly deserve it.

Love love love this!

I like meeting happy people. I wish I could bottle it and give it to some of my students. Nice to meet you from a to z.

@Fiona - I am so happy to have you back :) happy Sunday!
@Desiree - yes, I am content and watching the clear blue sky outside the window gives me energy to have a great relaxing walk in the woods, love crisp cold sunny days ;)
@Joyce - who knows what the weather still has planned for us? I am grateful that where I leave we did not get so much snow, my poor mom has to clear the path to their home each second hour! but she told me that the exercise does her good!
@Diane - how is the weather in your part of the world?
@Laura - thank you!
@Susan - welcome, I cannot wait for April!

I love that quote it's beautiful and very true.

@Luan - thank you!

It is 4:00 am her in the Midwestern U.S. and I must say, it was fun catching up on your blog. Your happiness is contagious, Claudia. You have started my day off with a smile.

Some days, like today, I feel ridiculously happy! I'm glad you feel the same.

Such a great quote and so true. I hope your mood stays this happy. Have a lovely evening xo

What GREAT Quote, thank you for sharing.
Happy new week, Claudia xx

That is a nice quote. It's one of those quotes that everyone should keep in mind.

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@Linda - thank you for your kind words, glad I am contagious :)
@Mlle Poirot - well life is sometimes surprising, Monday turned to be very stressful but hey! It's over
@Saskia - likewise
@Bonnie - so true!

Thank you, Claudia! I've been having a gloomy day, and this is just what I need to remind me that life is beautiful. :)

@Reiza - I am glad you read my entry :)

I really liked that quote! I will try to remember that...

@Emily - you should, it is worth it!

Anonymous says:

Okay, now this is just weird (and very cool!!). I have a YouTube video playing RIGHT NOW that has this same pic on the front. I'm going right now to put it on your wall. :O)

So great that you are so happy. I am feeling pretty good too, and you just reminded me of it! Thanks.

@Beth - this is strange indeed, thank you for sharing!
@Sharon - welcome, happy to oblige :)

An awesome quote. I love it and it's so true. thanks for sharing.

I really enjoyed that Claudia, thank you!

@November Rain - happy for this!

oh, please send a butterfly my way to sit on my shoulder:))

I'm smiling, thanks

@Sandra - I will, it's on its way :O
@Anna - good :)

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