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Note: this is a story without any relevance to real life, it is just a short story based on the GBE 2 words, first love!

Rita believed that she was a lucky and happy woman. She had a happy childhood, her parents supporting her passion and investing a lot of energy and money in her music lessons. It all paid off, by 19 she was a very talented pianist, with 23 she had her first music pupils. She dreamt of far away concerts, but then she met him. Ben. A brick layer, very powerful, attractive, energetic and mesmerisez by her music. He waited for her daily in front of her house, listening to her teaching. Ben was ambitious, he wanted his own company and offered her a place in his life. And she said yes, her dreams of concerts burried, music lived on during her classes. She was happy to be his wife, happy to wait for him after his long business trips.

And then she had 3 miscarriages, she felt empty and worthless, but still lucky, Ben was at her side, trying to comfort her, even if there was only pain. Somehow life went on, her students were her children. Music was soothing, she always turned to schubert when the memories were unbearable.

Rita was happy, wasn't she? But where is Ben? Lately he is not so much at home, he is arguing he has lots of meetings. He is distant, not his old self anymore. Plus he starts to drink, not so much but still almost each day. Rita is so happy when he finally comes home, she wants to share with him her thoughts, her ideas. But Ben is absent, even if phisically present.

She must have known right? There were so many signs, his new car, his new leather jacket, with his attempt to look younger. But she was happy, she never doubted him and she believed in him.

One morning, while Ben showers, the phone rings, she answers. A young female voice
'Mrs York?'
'Yes, what can I do for you?'
'Can I speak with Ben?' (no Mr York mind you!)
'He is in the shower'
'Please tell him to call me as soon as possible, it is urgent! I am Laura'

Rita is silent, she does not know how to interpret the call. Ben comes out of the shower, she lets him know that Laura wants to talk to him.
'Oh yes, my work colleague!' Ben tries to minimize the event, by a crooked laughter.

Rita and Ben drift apart, but she still does not believe it, until one day, when Ben comes home, completely shattered. Laura is pregnant! Her world falls apart, she feels so alone and abandoned. Ben tries to tell he that he never loved Laura, they met at a bar during one of his business dinners (Rita never liked to go, she preferred her music). She was very pushy, he succombed. Ben wants to try to explain that Laura does not mean anything to him, he just wants to keep on living as before, but sadly there is no before.

Rita does try, she does not think of the other woman, but she knows that there is a baby. Ben is caught between two worlds, he finds comfort mostly in alcohol. And then Lucas is born, Ben wants Rita to come with him. The baby is so beautiful, gorgeous, and joyous, such an adorable boy. Rita cannot hate him, he cannot be blamed for the situation, that is why she refuses to see him again.

Ben and Laura and Lucas. Rita is not invited in their universe. She wonders where are her happy days? She cannot breathe anymore so she decides that there is time to ask for a divorce. No drama, simply to go away. She knows that she has her music, her students. It is not everything, but more than she could have with Ben.

Life goes on until one day when Rita gets a call. Laura had an accident on the highway, Ben needs her on his side. Lucas was crying as if he knew that her mother is gone, no longer present. Somehow he cools down in her arms, tired of all his tears. Ben is grateful, looks at her with adoring eyes, like he used when listening to her playing Schubert.

And while looking at Lucas trying to sleep in her arms, she gets a glimpse of his beautiful eyes (Ben's eyes actually) and realises that this what she was always looking for. Her first love, true love! She somehow knows how life will look like, she, Ben and Lucas together. Rita feels lucky and happy.



Wow, Claudia...you've certainly packed a lot of drama and heartache into this short story...I'm so glad it had a happy ending!

@Desire - I am happy you liked it, my first short story after a long long time!

Anonymous says:

Wow, I didn't expect it to go there!

@Beth - I love stories with a twist! And I hope I managed :)

Good job on your story.


Thank you Joyce, will await your entry on the GBE2

what a twist, and I usually figure the plot pretty fast!

Great Job !!

Excellent write with a great twist on the end. Great post!! Cheers, Jenn.

now i need to go listen to Schubert!! : )

@Jilda - thank you, so the plot was unexpected? Good :)
@Spark - too kind!
@Jenn - thanks!
@Brenda - it is one of my favourite!

Lovely story! I like reading short stories from time to time in blogs. It adds to the variety of them! Well done.

I love seeing how everyone comes up with unique ideas for GBE2!

@Kristen - thank you!
@Renata - so true, it is amazing how creative we all are!

Aww, this was so sad but beautiful at the end too.

Oh, this made me cry....

Beautiful and heart-rendering story!

@Maggie & Marian - yes it is a sad story, somehow I had to write it even if it brought tears for which I am sorry!

Oh Claudia, that had me in tears.I really felt for Rita, and I am glad she found a love that suited her in the end. Beautifully written *hugs*

@Gil - oh dear! Sorry for the tears! And thank you for your words!

That's a powerful ending. You packed a lot into a short story, good stuff.

@Langley - thank you for your words of appreciation!

That was a very powerful story, nicely written.

Thank you Tony!

Good job! I love how you managed to fit so much into such a shrot space, but without losing any detail. :D

@Kyra - thank you, it is a story which i had for a long time in my head and finally on 'paper'

Aw! :-( Great story--sad, but so well written.

@Eccentricity - you are right, it is sad!

Such a wonderful story!! I wanted to put Ben's balls in a vice grip! This story was so powerful full of twists and turns. Well done!!


You are funny Kathy :)

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