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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Sunday afternoon, 6pm, German time. If you would go through each home you will soon find out that most of the people are watching the sports news, it a tradition, something which belongs to Saturday and Sunday afternoon. For sure football is THE news, but more and more they show flashes from other sports. Today they had a feature on Jeremy Lin, one of the few Asian American professional basketball player in NBA (and the first American player in the league to be of Chinese or Taiwanese descent) and what amazed me is the fact that he has studied at Harvard. I found this on Youtube - really cool, what do you think?

Jeremy Lin is a normal guy, very simple, very true to himself. He knows what he wants and his calm approach brings respect to those who watch him.

“I know a lot of people say I'm "deceptively athletic" and "deceptively quick," and I'm not sure what’s deceptive. But it could be the fact that I’m Asian-American. But I think that’s fine. It's something that I embrace, and it gives me a chip on my shoulder. But I'm very proud to be Asian-American and I love it.”
Jeremy Lin, during 2012 All-Star Weekend interview

Richard Bach once said “The simplest things are often the truest.” and that applies to Jeremy Lin 100%! From his last game as part of the Knicks team against Mavericks, some shots:

You might wonder why do I care about basketball and NBA? Well I must confess, a long long time ago (like 20 years or so ago) I used to play basketball, was not brilliant but brought me a lot of pleasure. I still remember how I felt after a nice match, fulfilled, happy, with the feeling of achieving something special. In life the simplest events are the fullest, and I thank Jeremy Lin's feature for this reminder!



I LOVE basketball. College and NBA. It's a great sport to play. Sadly, I never did because at just shy of 6' I'm sure I would have been an asset. I was just too interested in boys in high school..hehe. Love that you played.

@Barb - yes, I had some great times! And it is a nice sport to watch

Great post. I just read an article on Jeremy Lin a few days ago...Have a great week ahead...Heidi

I'm not a big sports fanatic, but I am a big human fanatic. I enjoyed this post, and the traits that you emphasized about Jeremy Lin.

I'm not into basketball, football is my thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed this video. He seems a lovely lad, with a great sense of humour :-)

I am also not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy someone else sharing their loves and when it is done in such an entertaining way, who wouldn't be linthused? lol

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Anonymous says:

I am a sports fan and I live with a sports nut so I enjoyed this post about Jeremy Lin. Great take on the topic.

Anonymous says:

Loved the video and love the picture I have in my head of you playing basketball!

That was a fun video! I just shared it with my husband, with my own intro of "Do you know who Jeremy Lin is?" His response? "Um. Yeah." which he said in his "are you kidding me voice." Guess who's NOT the sports fan around our house!

I liked the video! It was really entertaining.


Love the video! Great post - sorry it took me so long to catch up~

@Heidi - yes he is an amazing person and I found his career very interesting!
@November Rain - glad you enjoyed the post!
@Sarah - yes his humor is contagious :)
@Jo - very kind of you, and yes I do enjoy basketball!
@Susan - thank you, I am thankful that you thought of me
@KAT - welcome to the club then
@Beth - that was such a longtime ago, but now to be honest I would consider playing it again
@Martha - well well he know who Jeremy Lin was :) good!
@Kathy - good to kow :)
@Maria - no worries, no strings attached to my posts :)

It's obvious what a great fan you are Claudia. Now I want to see who this guy is!

Not a basketball fan, more tennis, baseball, football, hockey. Lin's story is great though and this video was fun. Thanks for the post.

@Danneromero - he is something special!
@Pbquig - you are welcome!

I have to confess I loathe sports of any kind even though my dad drug me to more Laker games than should be allowed by law. I did enjoy the video tho.. smiles.

@Brenda - poor you, but still I appreciate that you took the time to read is post!

I love Jeremy Lin (not just because I'm also Asian American). I love his humble spirit and grace...his simplicity.

I love Jeremy Lin (not just because I'm also Asian American). I love his humble spirit and grace...his simplicity.

I love Jeremy Lin (not just because I'm also Asian American). I love his humble spirit and grace...his simplicity.

@Anna - he is a great guy for sure!

This is lovely and very beautifully (and simply) written. Love it...

I have been wondering what all this chatter about Lin was about.

@Denine - thank you for our kind words!
@The Frizzy Hooker - now ou know just a bit!

thanks to you i now know who Mr Lin is! Watched the film to the end..and was blessed by his "be" attitude. You can see he has a good friends who encourage him..helps to launch ones thoughts!

Ok lets go shoot some hoops! hehe amazing how research brings back the memories aye? Great write Claudia

@Brenda - yes, he is an amazing guy and the pleasure to shoot some hoops did return indeed!

Anonymous says:

Basketball is awesome! It's one of my favorite sports to watch, non-stop action! Jeremy Lin makes it look so simple! What a talent! Nice post and I''m glad he has brought back some good memories for you.

@Beachlover - you said so right, nice comment, honest!

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