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Two days ago, Friday, not one of my best days, I had this feeling that I could not think, not concentrate, not focus on anything. I did try to get distractions, like going out for lunch with my husband, but no luck! So sometime around 4pm in the afternoon I decided that the best solution for the day is: go home, relax, have a bath, read a book and tomorrow will be better. And guess what? It was! Sometimes you just have to listen to what your body says, it helps! What about you? Anything special happened two days ago?



Glad that you are feeling better now Claudia.
We all have off days.

I was not in form for going out last night
not one little bit
we were having our end of year (school) staff night out and I really didn't want to go
but had a shower, put on the face and the
"good clothes"
went and enjoyed every minute of it!!

Sometimes I need a little push!

Hope you have a happy Sunday


Like it is said, All is well that ends well

I'm glad you had the luxury of doing what your body tells you to do. There have been a lot of days when I would have loved to go home, but I'm left to grin and bear it.


Glad you are feeling better after doing what your body told you to do! We often underestimate the power of ' total relaxation'

Glad you are feeling better after doing what your body told you to do! We often underestimate the power of ' total relaxation'

Anonymous says:

Oh, Claudia - a hot bath and a book sounds so good right now! :0)

Glad you got through it!

I like the way you think. Body says, "Hey, kick back and chill!" You do that. Good girl! Life is for living and those little voice reminders to relax and enjoy being nothing now and then, are good for us to heed.

Anonymous says:

Glad to hear you are doing better. Have a great week!

@Fiona - I agree, sometimes you just need the extra motivation
@Bawa - so true
@Joyce - I have learned in time that if I do not listen I pay dearly later
@Laila - or we find its benefit when it is too late
@Beachlover - another evening after a hard day and the bath is again the solution :))
@Jo - totally agree with you
@Susanne - you too!

Usually following what your body and gut tells you is the way to go. Glad you are feeling better and are back on track. :D


nice post and good self care and great reminder for me.


what book did you read? Did you take a bubble bath? lol

Anonymous says:

Nice. Am sure you are feeling good now. Take good care.

@Kathy - yes it is true, and today I just realised that I have been ignoring one vital notice from my body and I need to do some tests!
@Laura - I am glad it helped!
@Brenda - I am re-reading the short stories by Agatha Christie with Miss Marple as detective. Yes, lavender bath, very soothing!
@Tikulicious - I did feel amazing afterwards, at the moment at work, so just busy :)

Anonymous says:

I'm glad the off feeling was short-lived!

@Beth - usually is!

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