N - Never give up on what you want.

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Anonymous says:

I second that motion! Never ever give up!

Thanks for the inspiration, Claudia! : )

@Beachlover - but not always easy right?

You're right, not always easy, but definitely worth striving for :-)

Indeed Sarah!

Very true indeed and so worth it.

@Amy - agreed :)

I love this little saying-- much truth to it!!

Cheers, Jenn

I love this, Claudia.

This is such good advice, and is so often overlooked.

Hope you’re enjoying the challenge so far!
--Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

Twitter: @AprilA2Z

Good reminder. Work for peace in the heart... :-)

That's lovely, Claudia.

Hi Claudia. That should be a reminder to us all. To NEVER give up. Good post!

peace like a river--thanks

Lovely and wise words. Thank you, Claudia.

This was an absolutely perfect post for a Monday morning. :~) How brilliant you are!!

Happy continued A to Z Challenge. I am so proud to still be on board with this so that I may meet more people like YOU!

Julie Jordan Scott
Fellow A to Z Challenge Writer
twitter: @juliejordanscot
N is for Nicholasa Mohr
On a Mission to Spread Word-Love Throughout the World


Great sentiment although not always possible.

Never indeed dear one...you always find just the right suggestion to make us all look at living life in a better way.
Hugs and I'm glad to hear you had a lovely vacation!

This is so inspirational! Thank you, I needed that today. :D


I Totally agree with this!!!

Yes!! So true.

Great "N" word...NOPE, you can NEVER give up if it is something truly worth working for!

I love the 23 comments after "no comments needed." I've often thought about giving up the novel writing after multiple rejections. It's tough to keep trying.

Catch My Words

If anyone could ever speak about strength and perseverance from personal experience it would be the Dalai Lama. Thanks for sharing this great message!

@Jenn - I agree it is very true!
@Karen :)
@Damyanti - you are right!
@The Writing Goddess - glad you enjoyed it!
@Lynn - Thank you!
@November Rain - great!
@Diane - thank you for your kind words!
@Lynn - welcome!

@Elaine - happy you like the post!
@Julie - such sweet words, thank you, I also enjoy the challenge, so much fun!
@momto8 - how very kind of you to say that :))
@Paula - you are right, sometimes it takes more than own will!
@Sush - yes holiday was great, but now it's over! And I am glad that you enjoy my posts!
@Kathy - great, sometimes it just fits the situation!
@Luan - missed you around here :)
@Buffy :)
@Tracy - yes, I keep the approach as optimist as possible

@Joyce - actually I meant with my 'no comment' remark that I don't need to add anything to the quote :) but our approach is also interesting!
@Rae - yes, his life is worth to be taken as example!

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