A sin? Maybe not!

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Do you recognise my sin? If I should choose from the seven, I will mostblikely end up with lust and gluttony and bothe are directed towards coffee. I admit I enjoy a cup almost every hour, it is such a wonderful taste, bitter, warm, tempting, black. I do not resist to any shape or size, give me a latte, a capuccino, an ice coffee and I will end up in paradise for some minutes. Somehow coffee makes me happy, so I do ask? Is it a sin or only a pleasure?



It´s a pleasure and for sure no sin! Furthermore it´s good for your brain. Have a nice Sunday Claudia the coffee cat!

hha. I can understand.

It is an absolute pleasure.

I adore coffee and like you always seem to have a cup on hand

The other day I was out and about and was gasping, had to run to a coffee shop and get a take out!

Love the stuff.

Enjoy it Claudia.

We could be drinking worse!!!


It is most definitely a sinful pleasure and I imbibe gleefully along side...no discriminations of any kind. (other than anything that requires skim milk, my coffees must always be with heavy cream...now that is sinful!)

Cheers, Jenny
(a little clinking of coffee mugs can be heard in the background) *grin*

A pleasure, Claudia, so don't worry. I don't drink coffee, but I feel the same way about TEA!

Oh, I don't think we can call this a sin, Claudia! Just pure pleasure for you. I hardly ever drink coffee, but I know so many people who really do get such a lot of enjoyment from drinking it. Carry on my friend!

@Sofia - hm, good for the brain, now I have a great argument for all those who criticise my drinking :)))
@Izdiher - glad you do, not all are as understanding!
@Fiona - we could be drinking worse that is for sure. It is very strange how my taste has change with ime, since at he beginning I drank it white and very sweet and now I love it black and bitter :)
@Jenny - sweet :) loved how you played with the words! You are smart, must be the coffee as well! :)))))
@Elaine - also enjoy tea, but only in the winter
@Diane - oh I do carry on, no worry :)

I don't consider coffee drinking a sin, but every hour is a bit much. Do you sleep at night? I usually drink decaf because I too love the flavor but not all that caffeine. If you cut down, you'd probably get a headache so IF you want to ween the amount down, I'd take it slow. Instead of every hour, every hour in a half, etc. Good luck and thanks for your visit.


Anonymous says:

Definitely pleasure. Enjoy my friend! Great post.

Coffee can't be sin, how can anything so good be sin?

@Joyce - not at all, I have a resistance to caffeine, meaning that for my body coffee is like water, so no worry!
@KAT - thank you :)
@Phoniexritu - I fully agree with you!

For you, Claudia, it sounds like a sinfully good pleasure *wink*

@Gil - thanks ;)

Everything yummy is said to be immoral, illegal or fattening. So since I also adore my coffee with half and half, I am guessing it's both fattening and quite possibly immoral, but I'm not giving it up!
Enjoy, I'm gonna go with coffee being our modern day nectar of the Gods. It's all good.

@Jo - thank you for the reassurance, to give me a boost I took a cappuccino now, just for you :)

I would say a pleasure, even though I don't like coffee it is pretty obvious you do. :D



I was brought up on coffee as my mother didn't like tea, so now it's coffee for me too!

Love coffee, but not as often as you. :)

Love coffee, but not as often as you. Although add a little chocolate to it...

coffee... yum!

Look, on one level, it is hydration. Caffeine is also good for your cells, so just slap a little on your face and neck while you are sipping to maintain your youthful glow. I'm sure that you are ever-alert, and thereby a dependable person. I just don't see the downside. Phooey to the nay-sayers! This stuff has the potential to save the world! Lol! Bottoms up!

@Kathy - yes, I do enjoy coffee a lot!
@Paula - rather unusual that your mom did not like tea :)
@Jennifer - chocolate I enjoy in the pure version :)
@Danneromero - I agree!
@Amy - I think I like you more now than before :))))

Definitely not a sin!! With its good qualities it should be catagorised as a 'virtue' :) :)

Enjoy that coffee! My mom drank it like you do and she never lost a momen't sleepin her life - and she only drank high test! I am a tea drinker myself, but in the same way, so enjoy~

Anonymous says:

There is nothing like a good hot cup of coffee. If that makes me a sinner,well, I am one. :D . Enjoy!

That is me and dark chocolate. I get dark chocolate ice blended drinks from Coffee Bean. Oh, my goodness. I get it every payday and look forward to it WAY too much. :D

@Laila - your approach appeals to me :)

@Amy - tea is also good :)
@Tikulicious - while writing this I enjoy my first cup and it is amazing!
@Elizabeth - dark chocolate is also yummy I agree

I don't know I truly believe in sin, and if I did, I'd not think coffee would be one. I suppose anything is bad for a person. I guess anything is allowable so long as it's moderation.

@Brenda - your last statement is very wise!

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