2006 Libra horoscope

Posted by Claudia Moser on 9:52 AM
Just curious what will really happen :)

Home and family will keep you happily content and quite busy as the year begins -- straight through mid-March, at least. And you'll enjoy more than a bit of excitement in the romance department too, whether you're single or attached. The past few years have demanded that you learn to live with all kinds of surprises, so at this point, you're prepared to handle just about anything -- surprising you will be no easy task. Still, a set of eclipses in March could coincide with a rather startling discovery: A partner you trusted just about implicitly may not be handling their end of a joint financial situation with integrity. If that's the case, immediately take back any credit cards you're even partially responsible for -- and the checkbook too. Regardless of your financial situation at that time, you need to watch your finances like a hawk -- and that goes double for late November and December.
Just to make things even more interesting, there may be a bit of mystery and intrigue in your life around those same times, and a secret relationship could even surface. That doesn't mean you'll necessarily be involved -- not directly, anyway -- but you'll certainly be privy to quite a few tasty details, like it or not. You may quickly decide that it's time to let all parties concerned know exactly what's been going on, but it will likely take a while for you to build up the resolve to talk about the situation. Just be sure to do what you'd want others to do for you. Tell the person who's confided in you that you don't feel comfortable keeping their secret, and give them the chance to clear the air first.
Even with all these serious situations brewing around you, you'll have nothing to worry about. A pack of humorous and sociable energies will arrive in time to make November and December -- not to mention much of early 2007 -- a happy, prosperous time for you. You definitely have some cleaning house to do this year, and some of it may not be fun. But your determination to make positive changes and meet your goals (no matter how tough it is) will propel you through the process. Once it's over -- and it will fly by -- you'll have made a giant step toward a positive future, starting with a solid approach to 2007.



So what did really happen?
Hasn't it somehow been a great year for you? You achieved so many things. And: won't 2007 be even better?

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