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This week Beth made it hard for me, her chosen topic in the GBE2 was 'the bakery'. And now think Claudia, what could you write?

Recipe sharing would be too easy.

Bakerman song, not so original. Still I like to listen to it, so here it is.

What else would it be? And then I remembered my first experience with baked bread.

I don't think I was more than 5 years old, spending the summer at my grand-grandmother's house in a small village in Romania, called Cerbia. You would have troubles locating it on the map, but it is a magical place, so peaceful. My memories are all so alive and so happy.

I was with my grandmother, grand-grandmother and grand-grandfather at breakfast, when my granny out of the blue while eating a nice yellow omlett (the taste of real eggs, a delight!) asked why don't we get fresh bread today? I did not really know much of fresh bread, it sounded funny, as if the bread we had wasn't fresh. Little did I know.

My grand-grandmother answered that she does think it's a good idea and it would be a great opportunity to show me how it's made. Thus she took me into the kitchen to prepare the dough. She mixed flour, water, salt and yeast (with fast movements and great energy), making a small little bread which she placed on a cabbage leaf. Then she went with me to my aunt, who did own a bread oven (you know that old-fashioned one, which can be found in the rural areas). I watched and watched the oven, getting the heat on my face, starting to smell the bread. I was fascinated by the process, I could not wait to see the result.

In the end, we received the brownish bread, with a thick crust on which the cabbage disolved, with an amazing unforgetable smell.

I received the first end with thick rich country butter, the bread still breathing heat and melting the butter. I still can close my eyes and I have the taste on my buds.

For me somehow, that was the moment in time when I realise (probably not really 100% aware being so young), that baking your own bread is something special.

Most likely that was the trigger for my furture desire to cook, bake and prepare my own food.

Oh, that bread!



What a lovely childhood memory of freshly baked bread, Claudia. I was almost there with you, just waiting for the bread to come out of the oven!

What a great story! This seems to grasp some of the real essence of life's simplest, and best, pleasures.

@Diane - childhood memories are the best! And to walk the memory lane tonight was simply great!
@Mike - you are so right! Baking bread is simple but amazing at the same time!

Lovely memory. I could smell and taste that bread with you!

Oh how I want to go back in time and be there with you. That bread sounds like it was wonderful and with country butter no less. Wonderful childhood memory!! Cheers, Jenn

@Paula - I wish I had a piece now! Would love to re-taste it!

Loved the atmosphere you created in this post. Never heard of baking bread on a cabbage leaf and find that fascinating.

@Angela - yes it is a old recipe, very popular in Romanian rural areas!

Anonymous says:

This was terrific. I'm going to bake bread with my grandson this week, thanks to this post! :O)

There is nothing like home made bread! Lovely story, I didn't make bread with my girls but we made cookies and cakes.

@Beth - thank you and do let me know how it went!
@Belle - you are right, the smell is amazing!

Home baked bread is amazing! I need to learn how to do it.


@Joyce - I think it shouldn't be so hard! I heard that there are some breadmakers pretty handy!

Claudia, I can taste that bread, just from your description. Brilliant memory, and I wish more children got to experience that type of life today. *hugs*

@Gil - I was lucky for such a childhood! Thank you!

What a vivid post! My mouth is watering to taste that lovely bread. Well done!!


@Kathy - thank you, it was one of my nicest childhood memories!

Nothing compares to freshly baked break. Wonderful post.

I think any time with either of my grandmas was a magical time. Thanks for taking us back.

@Langley - you are so right, it is simply delicious!
@Kyle - you are welcome, it was a nice ride for me as well!

Anonymous says:

Beautiful story! I could almost smell your granny's bread baking in the oven! What a lovely memory you have...

@Beachlover - I was very fortunate indeed!

I could almost smell and taste the bread. Great memory.

@Theresa - one of the best smells, I agree!

I am with Theresa~ I could just taste it. My granny used to make the best bread : )

@Christine - grannys are the best :)

I found this little story very enjoyable, and had to laugh at the Laid Back video, because I remember I once had to explain what the lyrics "meant" to my German husband, which wasn't easy.

@Weissdorn - your approach to the theme was great as well. And I know what you mean with Laid Back! :)))

now really...your difficult makes me SMILE!! wow..yumm can smell the bread and geesh...what a grand memory!! love your sharing..your life and its an honor to call you friend!!!!!

@Brenda - likewise :)

My Grandmother and my Mother used to bake bread routinely...not a talent I inherited! I am a pretty good cook, but baking is another art altogether. I still love the smell and the taste of 'right out of the oven' bread, but sadly, I will not be sharing that with my grandchildren.
Beautiful post.

@Jo - my baking skills are not so great either but I learn!

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