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Isn't it funny that after writing so much about books, latest in this post, today was under the sign of written word again?

I am so cheerful and grateful! Somehow I even have troubles concentrating on writing, I am so excited to tell you all about it!

Hubby went this morning to check out the post and I noticed that he is slower than normal on the stairs. He came into the living room with an intrigued face and said: 'Who do you know in Australia and USA?' Well, I thought many people! 'Why?' I asked. 'Cos you got some books!'

I grabbed the packages and true enough, I got at the same time, the wonderful book written by Karen, at Following the Whispers and 2 books send by Luan at Green Tea and Cupcakes (after a swap post on which I was the single respondent, and we agreed to go on with it anyway!). By the way Luan, my books are on their way too, wondering when they will arrive.

Here are my goodies, my companions for the next travels and since I am off on Monday (again Estonia!), they will much appreciated!

From Karen

From Luan

with a lovely postcard

Thank you Karen, thank you Luan! You both made my day.

Happy ...



What a lovely surprise to find in the post on the same day :)

Yes Sarah, quite a coincidence! Lovely day!

Anonymous says:

That is awesome! =D

Anonymous says:

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@Diana - awesome describes it pretty well!

Anonymous says:

Very cool! :O)

Yes, Beth, two lovely ladies with two great blogs!

Thank you Karen once more for your gift. I will respect your writing and from I gathered from your posts, I will read it carefully. I am sure that I will get mch food for thought from your book!

What a lovely surprise - no wonder you're so excited. Enjoy your reading my friend. I am so pleased for you.

Yes Diane, I have a lot of reading material now!

They look like wonderful books! It is always exciting to open a new book.

@Belle - so true, I am so happy to read them!

What a nice surprise. I'm always happy to receive (and give) books as gifts.

@Theresa - me too, maybe I will initiate a book exchange as well!

So glad that you received them I hope you enjoy them both :)

@Luan - I will report for sure when I will be done!

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