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I guess that it is not easy to get your first thought out your head, therefore I will not resist.

The Empty Chair is a crime novel from renowned crime author Jeffery Deaver. It is the third novel in Deavers series featuring Lincoln Rhyme; the first of which was made into a movie, The Bone Collector.

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My whole life I had books around me. As a small child, my grandmother (from my mother side) used to read my bed-time stories. I was taken into the world of Brother Grimms, of the 1001 Nights. I was travelling in magic, my creativity was bursting, I was full of questions. My inquisitive side draw me into crime stories, I think I was 12 year old when I read my firts Agatha Christie. I simply loved her writing and by the time I was 18, I went through her work in Romanian and in English.

I love books, they are with me at all times (now in the new format, electronic, via the Kindle which never leavesmy bag while travelling), our house if full of them. When I moved to Germany I took my Agatha Christies with me, the George Simenons and many more. But still my old room at mom's is full with books (I counted them once, 6 years ago, and I had around 3.000 titles, now I am not sure!).

That is why, the Empty Chair, will trigger in my mind, the presence of a book. But this is me, I am sure my other co-members of the Writers' Post group will come up with other great ideas!



I didn't know when I thought of The Empty Chair for this week's title that it was a title of a book. HOW COOL! I love books...and I love reading and think it is GREAT that it reminds you of a book. Cheers! Jenn

@Jenn - well the association was instant :-) So I was happy to be able to share a little bit of my love for books, thank you for that!

The book sounds intriguing! I will have to check it out!!


Anonymous says:

I love the Kindle. I've been trying to read the Phantom of the Opera for a while now. I don't know what happened but I used to love reading Agatha Christie books, and now I love reading stuff on the supernatural. Hunting mostly not the romance versions.

Great post!

--Diana Jillian

You just reminded me that I read the Bone Collector many years ago. I never knew there was more with that detective. I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

When I read my first Agatha Christie mystery I was hooked and had to read all of them. I love books too, and I now use a Sony Reader, which I love. I can even get books from our local library on it. How wonderful your grandma read to you! My sister used to read to me when I was small.

I haven't read that one, but I've read several others. I love Deavers.
I just finished Burning Wire.
We have shelves of books.

@Kathy - let me know if you liked it!
@Diana - I think the Kindle will become my new best friend :-) I think we all liked Agatha Christie at one point in our life!
@Barb - yes, the series is thrilling!
@Belle - yes, my grandma had a wonderful voice, sometimes I just relax by remembering the comforting feeling she gave me!
@Rick - he writes well indeed!

Sounds intriguing - must check this latest novel out..

@Gawgus - let me know if you liked it!

I can certainly appreciate your love for books because I have the same love. Several years back, I built bookshelves on one whole wall of my computer room. My husband didn't think I could do it, but I had my plans that I drew, boards already cut and varnished, so when he went to work one day...so did I. LOL When he got home, I was nearly done. Those shelves remain to this day - sturdy and strong enough to hold a whole wall of books, floor to ceiling. I do love my books!

@Darlene - well done! Our trouble is that we don't have many walls left :)))

Anonymous says:

Nice post! I read a lot, but I've never read an Agatha Christie. How weird is that?

@Beth - you never did? This is weird indeed!

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