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I believe that when you work in a project, you should try to build up a team and to support the members as much as you can. Whenever acting as a project manager, one of my main tasks was always helping groups develop effective communication & problem-solving skills in my attempt to build up a team out of a collection of people.

Probably my methods are not always the classical ones, mostly adjusted to the team members.

One my latest ideas was breakfast, I thought that by sharing food, the atmosphere will be different, people are becoming more relaxed, they start talking on a different level. Our current team is made out of approx. 30 people and I was thinking that at least 10 will come. My greatest surprise was the level of response, I had 23, the remaining 7 were in holiday. They were so enthusiastic, many helped with the arrangements and my choice of food was praised.

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I am so happy and grateful today, seeing them all around, chatting happily and simply having a nice hour together. I am not sure if this was a team building event, but what I know is that next Thursday I will bake a cake, and so will 3 more colleagues. On Friday at 3pm next week we will share coffee and cake! I think that is a good sign right?



I can't think of anything lovelier than being on YOUR team for work! It sounds like you are very creative and caring for your co-workers!


If your team is together, chatting and having a good time, then that sounds like a team building event to me :)

Yes, right, Claudia. It sounds like team-building to me.

That's an excellent sign! Motivating staff is one of the hardest things to do but once you do, the rewards you reap are fantastic :)

Last week I helped my sister with her university paper on a number of questions including essays, one was about team building, I wish Ihad read this before

Sounds like a great sign!

Must be wonderful to work in your team.


What a wonderful way to get people to relax and work together! I wish I could have had an invitation to your breakfast gathering. You did wonderfully well with your selection! Holding thumbs the cake and coffee event is as successful :)

@Sush - you are always more than welcome to join us for breakfast :)
@Sarah - yes, we did have fun and what I truly appreciated were the words of honest thanks afterwards!
@Karen - I hope it was!
@Gawgus - yes, the rewards are hopefully coming :)
@Poetic Soul - well I am sure you helped a lot!
@Misha - we have lots of fun but also work hard!
@Desiree - you are welcom any time!

I've been in project management and a project manager in my career. Food is always a great way to get everyone feeling comfortable and appreciated. Good choice. And I think the cake and coffee is a great idea. Good for you. Smart move.

@Barb - yes, food does bring people together!

Just like the kitchen is usually the heart of most homes, sharing food with people at work helps to build bonds. I'll bet you are terrific at work!

@Beth - you are right! And I don't know how terrific I am, I simply enjoy work!

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