CITIGATE Hotel in Perth - never use it!

Posted by Claudia Moser on 12:08 PM
I had the "pleasure" to stay in room 136 and this is the worst experience ever for me during my 10 years of business travelling (including countries like China, USA, Mexico, all Europe).

The arguments for my statement:

1. Arrived at 3am on the 19th of May 2009 and after I tried to check in, I weas informed that I have no room and they have no room free. For a second I did not understand what the receptionist tried to tell me (after travelling for more than 25 hours coming from Germany). I showed him my reservation mentioning 1am on 19.05.2009. He said he is sorry but my room is available starting 12 o'clock and that is it. Unfortunately I pressed (really in need of a shower and bed and not knowing what tio expect) and after 40 minutes of waiting I got a room (a mystery how come they said at the beginning that they are fully booked).

2. After a shower in one of the worst UNCLEANED bathroom (see pictures) I tried to go to sleep. Unfortunately I did not consider my neighbours who were in a very "good" mood, very loud and vocal. In the end I must have elapsed in a sleep since I was very tired. Woke up at 7am.

3. Room service is MOST EXPENSIVE. For a breakfast of fruit and toast I paid 18 euros. A rip off!

4. Returning after my first work day I found the room uncleaned (see more pictures), glasses really dusty, no clean towels. The carpet was still dirty.

5. Trying to sleep in the hotel proved to be an adventure itself. At 1am I was forced to call the reception since people seemed to find amuzing to slam doors from 5 to 5 minutes, then they laughed. I do not want to remember how the sounds were when my neighbours went to the bathroom. It appears that the walls are so thin that you are an actual witness of their try outs. After 30 mins passed from the call, they became a bit quieter and I could sleep.

6. The internet is also very EXPENSIVE (26 AUD for 24 hours or 13 AUD for 1 hour - so you end up buying the 24 hours) and so SLOW. Who cares that you need to work?

7. The staff is slow, and react differently according to their mood. For an espresso at breakfast one day I paid 5 AUD another day it was free. I am still not sure if you should pay for one!

All in all the hotel is not adequate for its original purpose: providing accomodation.

If you want the pictures, check this out!



Anonymous says:

Dear Claudia,

Pleasure to meet you. I hope that you ando your family are OK. Last month I went to Maputo to visit Ana, She is working there. Now I'm again in Lisboa. Saudades. Maria da Piedade

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