Lessons learned after an intense meeting

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Lesson 1. When someone asks for your help, first say no, then offer an almost impossible alternative.

Lesson 2. Even if you don't have an impact on a problem, congratulate yourself. Better show off than not to be remembered.

Lesson 3. If someone did something, take the glory on your side. It looks good!

Lesson 4. Overdue deadlines? What to do? Openly complain, maybe they will dissapear. Solutions? Someone else please.

Lesson 5. Group memory is great, avoids own responsability.

Lesson 6. Two different opinions? No issue, a third should be brought in

Lesson 6 alternative. Two doctors, three opinions.

Lesson 7. Deadline to be met by customer? Forget it! If customer needs a deadline met by your side, react yesterday!

Lesson 8. If appropoate for self use the written text (i.e. minute) as a way to 'motivate' people, but if not adequate to own needs, just forget it!

Lesson 9. Discount strategy: reduce by 50% the scope of supply

Lesson 10. If a deadline is reached prior to agreement date, don't announce the success. You may get a new task!

Lesson 11. If a critical item needs to be solved, throw another critical subject into discussion. Attention is diverted and you solve your item by not getting contra-arguments.

Lesson 12. If you miss congratulations, do it yourself in an open environment. The others are forced to react by your bluntness.

Lesson 13. To get a reaction from your customer, block his inbox with emails.

Lesson 14. We don't know what we do, but we do it with full power.

Lesson 15. Smile!



Great! Love Numbers 2, 3 and 10. Don't you just love those sort of meetings?! LOL!

Hey! I didn't know that you and I work in the same place!



Excellent! Reminded me of the time when I actively pursue happiness as a career woman!
Keep it up, you have a nice thing going here!

@This - yes, they are great! And only after 1,5 hour spend with my colleagues :)
@Pearl - yes, let's meet for coffee :)
@Nela M - thank you :)

Hi Claudia!

Thank you so much for visiting me today and for your lovely comment. Much appreciated!

Sounds as though you've been learning a lot! All good experience. Makes you wiser as you grow older :)

Hope you have a super, hassle-free day!

@Desiree - so true, with age you get wiser! As one of collegues puts it: all will be well :) And no worries I'll keep on visiting your blog!

Great list...and so true!

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