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My mother! There are no words to describe how I feel about her, she is my mom, my friend, my rock in hard times, the person I love the most on this earth (OK, hubbie comes close LOL). She is the best mom you can wish for, she raised me alone since I was 5 years old and I will always be there for her.

Te iubesc, mama
(I love you mom!)

Sometimes words are not needed, you do understand right?

And to get the conversation going, who is / was your closest person to you heart? Mom? Dad? Sister? Husband? Daughter?



How wonderful that you have such a very close and special bond with your Mother! Sadly, this is not universal :(
I, too, was blessed richly with an amazing Mother. She sadly lives in Australia now, since she & my Dad emigrated 14 years ago.

Hi Claudia ~ You are blessed to have a wonderful relationship with your mother! Your feelings for her really show in your post. My mom and I have had a very "up and down" kind of relationship for almost all of my life. ~ As for me... It's a 3-way tie between my husband and each of my daughters. I adore my husband and I am so in love with him! He is also my best friend. And of course, I could never pick between my 2 daughters!! I love them equally!

My late hubby was first. Then my son and granddaughters and now Bruce. Very nice post!!

what a nice tribute to your mom! So glad you are very close to her!! My mom passed away four years ago and I still do miss her. Treasure your times together indeed!


I'd have to say my husband. My mom and I were very close though we had our ups and downs, we loved each other very much.

@Desiree - yes, sadly it is not universal. I also miss my mom, each day, 1300 km apart but we still talk on a daily basis.
@Becky - lucky for having children!
@Barb - with you I am sure that you are your family's dear!
@Corgi - you are right! I cannot wait to spend Easter with her!
@Laura - hubbie is always good :)

Anonymous says:

This is very nice.

What a wonderful tribute to your mom!


@Diana - thank you :)
@Kathy - yes, I love my mom immensly!

I really enjoyed this. Your blessed to have a mom still living and that your so connected. I lost my mom at nine years old. I am so happy you know how lucky you are. Hang on to her, but I know I don't have to tell you that.

@Laura - sorry to hear about your loss! And I know that I am lucky!

I do understand.

@Jo - I know you do :)

I completely understand. My mom means the same to me, and words don't communicate it adequately. This is a beautiful post.

@Langley - thank you, I love my mother very much!

My daughter, even though she's only four, is my best friend.

@Awwsumkitteh - how sweet!

Anonymous says:

I understand and love that you share such a wonderful relationship with your mom.

@Beth - yes, I am very blessed I know!

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