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I could not believe my eyes, I got an award from 'A storybook world', and above all it is the creative blog award. I am truly honoured and I am so grateful. Thank you Deidra! So now this Sunday turned to be even a greater day than expected.
'See' you on Monday!




Congrats!! That is very exciting! This may have made your Sunday but the fact that you made the lemon cake and it turned out great made my day :)

<3 kris&kel

@Desiree - thank you!
@Krisandkel - so sweet, but we are both so enchanted by the sweet delight, worth adding it to the fav list :)

Dear Claudia,

Congratulations on a very well deserved award.
You do have a "creative blog" and one I am always happy to come and visit.

Thanks for your comment on my "J" post - I left you a reply to it that you might want to read! (it is funny)

Have a wonderful Sunday,

Thanks Jenny, I did read it! It is truly amazing and amusing :) Enjoy the remaining of the day!

My day is just starting...so after making the rounds and checking out a few more blogs I will tackle a few chores.

If you ever want to chat outside of our blogging sites I have added my email to my Profile page - feel free to drop me a line.

Cheers, Jenny

Congratulations Claudia!! I'm really pleased for you. Keep up the good work! I really look forward to your blog posts.

@Jenny - already did write an email, do check your inbox :=)
@This - thank you for your sweet comment, how is your family?

Do I feel silly - I must have let it get caught in the messages, for my blog comments, and deleted it by accident - I'm so sorry.

Would you be so sweet to send it again - this time I'll be careful...

I'm red-faced,

Congrats, Claudia! You truely deserve this award. I always look forward to visiting you.

@Jenny - no worries, will try in a couple of minutes!
@Belle - thanks, you are so kind to me and if you think it all started because of you :)

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