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Posted by Claudia Moser on 7:19 PM

What a surprise, another Wednesday spend in Estonia! Strange how I somehow end up here most of my Wednesdays, thus this is the location from where I am writing today's high & low.

To be honest I could have declared this a very LOW day since for the last 96 hours I am working, nothing else. OK, I also slept for 4 hours each night so I should not complain right? When you are on a business trip you somehow end up being connected to work most of the time. You wake up, you go to breakfast. You meet your colleagues and your subcontractors and you end up talking about work. You go in the office, you have meetings, calls, emails, you start and end with work. Then it's 7pm and you go to the hotel, want to grab a bite, you have a meal with the same colleagues and subcontractors and you end up talking about ... well, you've guessed by now, work! And then we think you might just drop in bed, you think, well, I haven't checked my emails for the last 2 hours, just a peek and then you end your day with work and start dreaming of work. Kinda of strange no?

Anyway this is how this Wednesday looked like until I realised that I have three major highs in my life:

1. The sun is shining, the day is longer, I could take a small walk for 15 mins to wash my thoughts!
2. One of my constant followers, the Queen of English, wrote an amazing post about me. Here is Queen's entry. I am very thankful!
3. and .... one more day and Peter and I will be in Paris for a long weekend and this keeps me going! Yuppy!

So in the end life is good, right? Work was, is and will always be there, but my mood should be unchanged, happy thoughts everyone!



I think it's good to make yourself think of the highs because sometimes it's only too easy to focus on the lows. Lovely post :)

Thank you ladies, I try to be positive no matter what! One more day ...

I admire how hard you work, yet you can also relax and enjoy life.

I went back and read the Queen of English post on you. It was so very nice!

I hope this last day flies for you so you can get to Paris!!!!

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