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One of my all time favourite composers, Vivaldi. His four seasons series ... I think I listened to that all over during high school. It was my relaxing music, I was dreaming away, letting the music in and being part of it.

I chose spring since nothing could suit better the month of May.

While writing this entry I rediscovered the pleasure of listening to Vivaldi and the CD is running in the background. It's simply lovely!

And nothing could fit better as an instrument as the violin, and I believe that you will be able to identify it while listening to spring. Just close your eyes and enjoy!



Oh yes, spring it is! How soothing.

I'm with you all the way on this one, Claudia. I love Vivaldi's Four Seasons and I have the CD by Nigel Kennedy - brilliant! Thank you for reminding me and I shall certainly be playing it today. Have a good weekend and I hope that you are now fully recovered!

@L.L. - indeed it is! Lovely music!
@This - wow Nigel Kennedy! With which orchestra? Yes, 98% :)

The music certainly is so
Spring like...but I couldn't close my eyes and listen, with so many wonderful photos of such beautiful flowers flashing across the screen. I have so many of those in my own gardens, I just had to watch and listen. Thanks for posting. and thanks for visiting my post on Mother's Day
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@Kathy - I am happy you enjoyed it :) and I am your follower :)

Anonymous says:

Glad to hear you love Vivaldi. In my former career as a cellist, I recorded the Four Seasons with violinist, Corey Cerovsek. He is a brilliant violinist and mathametician. I think he had to doctorates from IU (one math, one music) by the time he was 14...?

Anonymous says:

Oops! Should be "two" doctorates!

@David - wow, that should have been amazing, I am truly honoured for the comment, honest! Thank you!

Beautiful...thank you for the respite.

@Cyndi - you are welcomed :)

Hi Claudia. I looked out the CD with Nigel Kennedy and The Four Seasons. It is a pretty old one! The orchestra was The English Chamber Orchestra. Warmest wishes to you.

One of my favorite compositions...remember the movie of the same name that used this as background starring Alan Alda and Carol Burnette?

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