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On Karen Walker's blog I discovered an award for surviving the A to Z challenge and to be honest for me it was so much fun! Elizabeth Mueller is the creator of this award and I am very thankful for it.

At the same time Karen mentioned 'Lee, whose brainchild this was, has asked the participants to summarize their thoughts and feelings about it.' so in a way I would also like to share my feelings with you.

I had a similar experience with Karen, in April I had almost 2000 page hits which is the highest ever in the history of my blog and I am 100% sure that this is due to the challenge. I have 48 followers (truly amazed thank you all), had entries with more than 15 comments (still amazed), got great feedback, started to read other blogs which I wouldn't have found before. All in all I am truly grateful and also humble for this experience. And to be honest it made me want more (guess this is linked with my personality), I thought what to do next in order to motivate me to continue this blog so alive! Tomorrow another challenge starts (yippy!) and I do hope that I will have the same enthusiasm until the end. Plus I do hope that my idea will keep you, dear followers, to read my thoughts again.

Have a lovely Sunday, let May begin!



Lovely award & well desrved win, Claudia! It was great reading your thoughts on what this challenge had meant for you and what you gained/learnt along the way. WELL DONE, once again!

Desiree thank you so much, this is so lovely of you! Yes, and a small surprise is in preparation :)

Yay! Well done you. I'm glad you have received an Award for completing the A - Z Challenge. You certainly deserve it and, as you say, it seems to have worked out really well with all the page hits and extra Followers you gained.

It is huge when you finish these challenges. I did the 30 day one awhile back and it really made you think. Quite a few people quit mid-stream but it does have a sense of accomplishment when you ride it out. Good for you. Congrats!!

I am still trogging my way around the list of a-z bloggers - well done on your reward - it was fun wasn't it - and although i wondered half way around if insanity was in the family I am sure I am going to sign up again!- best of luck

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