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Where are my car keys? Where did I take off my sunglasses? Did I had them with me? What did you say? Can you remind me when we shall meet?

There are so many things going on around us, so many tasks to solve in parallel. Sometimes, when in deep stress situations, I do have issues focusing, thus I thought I should share some of my exercises and tips with you.

On a personal level, to be honest this is a distraction post. Mom and granny are on the way back and I miss them dearly, thus I need something to occupy my mind.


Adequate breathing methods give us a clearer head and provide the needed oxygen for your brain, which is so important for concentrated thinking and acting. At the same time, breathing slows down the heart beat, relaxes the muscles and lowers the blood presure. What I do: I breathe in front of an open window (note for self: to avoid opening it during a storm!) and for a couple of minutes I inhale and exhale slowly. It either helps or you get a burst of energy due to boredom that you rapidly start focusing better!

Let go (yes, sure, this should help now!)

Just for once think of only thing, namely NOTHING. Meditation is the best method in order to become focused and calmer for a longer period of time. What do you need for this? Silence! Find a comfortable spot, close the eyes, breathe (see above) calmly. In case your thoughts wander try focusing on the breathing and clear your mind. One more detailed and professional description can be found here.

Ginkgo Power

The asian Ginkgo tree is simply an power bundle. It contains substances which enhance the concentration and sustain the brain cells to provide more energy. As a result the memory works better and the stress level decreases. You can buy concetrates in the pharmacy, it does help!

For more details here.

Listen to your body

If you are hungry or thirsty, the level of concentration drops. This is the reason why a balanced diet (and God knows I'm still searching for one) and drinking lots of liquids helps (with the water part I am at peace, but with the light meals not yet!). This is one advice which I am also not following, I am having days when I forget to eat for the whole day and then due to real hunger I end up eating in the evening. Sounds familiar?

Sport (another one where the practice beats the theory)

So the theory says that if you do sport outside on a regular basis, you will be able to concentrate better. Somehow I don't manage to focus on doing sports, any obvious reasons? Of course it improve the blood pressure, the cells do receive adequate amount of oxygen. So I should rathe go for a run, instead of writing, but hey! It's Sunday! On a personal side, I would give it a try to nordic walking, has anyone practice it yet? Any tips?

Too much input

When you need to focus, do turn off the radio, TV, mobile, anything which might distract you. It does help!


No I am not nuts (I hope at least)! But as I heard and tried, they do help due to the vitamin E (very rich!) The ideal brain food, better plain, no salt or sugar on them. Cashew nuts, yummy!


Oh, a nice lavendel oil on my wrist (since it is one of the few essentials oils that can be used neat on the skin) and the world smells and feels better. In case you don't love lavender as much as I do, you could use lemon or muscatel, they are as appropiate.

Picture from here

Some of lavender oil's properties and usage:

Lavender oil has a soothing and calming effect on the nerves, relieving tension, depression, panic, hysteria and nervous exhaustion in general and is effective for headaches, migraines and insomnia.

It is also very beneficial for problems such as bronchitis, asthma, colds, laryngitis, halitosis, throat infections and whooping cough and helps the digestive system.

Lavender oil relieves pain when used for rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago and muscular aches and pains, especially those associated with sport. (so I guess I could start with sports right? I have the remedy for aches!!!)

On the skin, lavender oil tones and revitalizes and it is useful for all types of skin problems such as abscesses, acne, oily skin, boils, burns, sunburn, wounds, psoriasis, lice, insect bites, stings and also acts as an insect repellent.

Of course the list could go on, but this what I have tried or attempted to try. Any more ideas from you? Something you would recommend?

Enjoy the Sunday!



LOVE it when you get bored!! : ) I
too covet the silence!! Hubby as soon as he comes in is chattering AND then goes to put on the radio or TV. AKkkkkkkk!! ESPECIALLY after a busy day at hospital..i just want to leave everything behind and REST MY MIND..when i can rest that..the REST is happy ..ok where is my ginkgo!!
*love the photos..color palate EVERYTHING bout this post Boredom suites you! : )

@Brenda - thank you :) Well, if I'm bored also later I will post some more, actually lots of ideas in my head! And silence is golden indeed!

You know what Claudia, you are so right about the Lavendar oil. When I used to get deep tissue massage, I always had her use lavendar oil so I could be completely relaxed as she tackled my extreme muscle knots. I am going to look for some oil online and start using it during this awful waiting game from Disability. Thanks for the reminder.

Well-timed post. I enjoyed reading that.

Lots of useful tips!

Some time ago I found the "do nothing for 2 minutes" site. (http://www.donothingfor2minutes.com/) That sometimes helps too. ;-)

@Barb - I've got your email, I'll get busy :) And yes, lavender will definetly help!
@K.C. - thank you! I'll check the suggested site!

Focus? What's that? I lose mine frequently! Doing better the last few days, though.

You asked where I'll sell my articles. I publish them on YCN. If you go back to my post, you can see them by clicking on where I've linked the words 'few articles'. That will take you to my profile at YCN with the list of things I've written.

@Marie - thank you! You are as always a source of inspiration!

Thank you for your creative boredom! Just reading what you had to say calmed my hyperactive mind to a nice even level. Lavender. I had totally forgotten about its wonderful properties. When I go to the health food store, I'll no longer be purplelexed about what to buy;) Sending a :) your way... peace.

@Jan - so happy about this positive feedback! Will try to be bored again for sure :) And a :) back to you Jan!

Excercise works for me, and when I get too cranky I watch The Secret or else have a drink and go to bed. Its amazing what a good nights sleep can do.

Thanks for stopping by. I tried to email you but I can't find your email anywhere - so I will post a response here.

On the flea market, I went to Freinsheim. Do you know where that is? What is with the chinese import junk tents? I was surprised to see those there. Great wine in this little area too!

What did you mean by free tomorrow? :)

email: hot.pink.combat.boots@gmail.com

@Hot Pink - email send :)

I love all your ideas, Claudia. Lavender sounds wonderful, I will give it a try!
I did try gingko once, but it seemed to interfere with my sleep. I could have been wrong about that though.

As you know, I am trying meditation too and it works so well when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep.

@Belle - do try the lavender, it will help for sure!

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