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My two weeks holiday was under the sign of family, quality time spend with mother, grandmother and husband. For me the happy moment that I would like to share with you, is the picture which I took while strolling with mommy and granny! I will miss them immensly, sadly the time is flying with a great speed!

Happy times ...



Hi Claudia! What a super picture of your Mum & Gran & what a beautiful Mother you have! I know exactly how you'll be feeling once they go back home. I said goodbye to my sister on Wednesday evening at the airport, after we'd got back from our little adventure together. She & her husband flew to London last night and then they will be off back to Brisbane :(

Enjoy your last few moments together. I know you will have lots of special memories to keep you going until you see them again!

Big hug,
Des xoxo

Dear Des, how wonderful you are! Thank you for your kind words and I know you understand! I will them dearly!

That's a great way to spend a vacation. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


@Misha - yes, it was great! And still is!

Enjoy every moment to the fullest! family is very important

@Baygirl - so true! At the moment I'm doing my best!

You are so lucky to be able to spend a vacation with them and take a wonderful picture. I wish I could see my mom and meet my grandma.

Thanks for being follower 200!


@Joyce - I made it :-)

That is a fantastic picture. Both very pretty women. It is sad how fast time flies when you are having a good time isn't it? Enjoy every second!

Family visits are so wonderful. I'm sorry it is almost over :(

You're so lucky to have your Granny with you still. I'm dreading Monday, when I have to say goodbye to everyone again :( Definitely making the most of them whilst we're together! HAve a great weekend xx

@Barb - am I enjoying, but today is even harder! I just boarded them :(
@Belle - they are indeed wondereful!
@Emma - how lovely you are! To take time for me in the middle of everything! Thank you!

Claudia, I didn't save your email address. Shame on me. Can you email me. I finally dug that document out of storage that was in my Dad's things. Thanks. Hope you're having a good day!!

@Barb - you've got mail!

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