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You know me by now, always looking for inspiration and also for some direction! I ended up on the BFF Group (Blogging for Fun), and the group has a similar approach as the GBE2, with one theme per week.

This week it's all about justice, and somehow automatically I had Jill Scott's song in my head:

The lyrics are also wonderful, full of passion and sensuality!

Sweeeeeeeeet Justice
Climb the Mountain
Though your hands maybe weary
Swim the ocean
Though your legs maybe tired
Run the extra mile
Though your stride maybe worn-down
Fight, Fight, Fight
Never surrender

Sweeeeeeeet Justice (repeat 1X)

verse 2:

Many sides to the same face
Searching, wanting their hour
So many colors in the spectrum of life
With right lies the power
Struggle, Struggle, Struggle, Struggle
Struggle only makes a man stronger
If he believes within his heart then he can find it
He will find it

Sweeeeeeeet Justice (repeat 1X)


Freedom the epitome of life
Lay your down your burden soldier
Study, study war no more, no more
Trust the soul that thrives within you
Hold strong to your faith
Continue, Continue, continue on, on

Sweet Justice indeed!



ira says:

Great song , it says so much so well. Ira

@Ira - fits the title well!

Hi Claudia! I agree, that is a great song choice, and the words are just awesome.

She has a great voice...and I do like the lyrics. Nice post :)

@Diane - thank you, it's funny how songs just pop into your mind without notice!
@Jenn - she does have a great voice, sadly not so known international!

Pretty song. Thanks for sharing.


This is an amazing song - especially when you see all the words. Great choice!

Justice is such an important concept and often not carried out by our governments. Deep subject! I like the lyrics very much.

@Joyce, @Emma and @Belle - thank you! I also like the song a lot!

Anonymous says:

This is a good song. Thanks for posting the lyrics as well.

@Ana - thank you!

Really cool song. Great voice and the words are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing *hugs*

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation Gil!

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Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them all!


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