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When I was a child I tried to keep a diary, I thought that this is cool, it makes you interesting. Somehow I had troubles filling the blank pages, they stared at me and I was so helpless. My entries were very brief, like I had a tough day at school; granny baked a wonderful apple pie.
But then one day I realized that it makes no sense to register my thoughts in a given format, called it a diary. I could write how I want, when I want and what I want. Thus came the blogging.



I also kept a diary as a child though my entries were often pages and pages long of "ewwww" and "whys..." LOL! I feel a bit embarrassed when I reread them!

Blogging is better in so many ways and yet just as a "therapeutic!"

Great job! This was honest and sweet. I've definitely been helpless and lost in front of a blank page a time or two. I think for me, it was more of a confidence issue at the time.

@Marian - do you still have your diaries? My mom has them somewhere :)

@Dances with vodka - I had a problem to find a subject for this post, but when I started to write it just came flowing :)

Anonymous says:

Bravo! Great little story and with your title, you are at EXACTLY 100 words. Claudia, you rock!

@Beth - thank you, I did count them all :)

I kept a diary for years...blogging has replaced that! I'm happy about it. :)

Yes a great little story indeed! You do thrive on challenges don't you?

@Maggie - yes, I am also grateful for blogging, it opened many perspectives!

@Desiree - I love challenges! Probably my competitive side comes in front :)

Anonymous says:

I can relate in a way. I had to keep a diary for my thoughts, but I also had to be cryptic about what I wrote. I had no privacy in the house. Good post! =D

--Diana Jillian

Excellent post! Nice transition from diary to blog.
I kept a diary, but tossed it in my teens. I was so embarrassed by all the crushes I had.

Ah, diaries, weren't they wonderful? I look at mine and gag at that silly girl who fretted over the dumbest things. Glad you enjoy the blogging as it is a diary of sorts that we can share with everyone and realize we're not alone and have a lot of the same thoughts and feelings.

Nice music. Very relaxing!

I agree blogging is much more fun

I kept a diary all through my teens - mine were 'page a day' diaries and I crammed those pages with everything and anything (even stuck in extra pages sometimes!).

I loved your story. I didn't have a lock for mine, so my life was literally an open book. Thank you for bringing back a memory:)

Funny you should refer to your diary and blog together. I consider my blog my diary. Enjoy you posts.

I started a notebook when I was about 17. Just scribbles, thoughts, words to songs, whatever I felt like. I lost it over the years with moving etc. but I wish I had it today to see what was in it. So now I too blog!!

Sweet....thanks for letting us in your Diary !

Blogging is great for that.


A W E S O M E !! : ) funny...i remember getting a diary and was bored with it. Thought.."i share everything"...so that is when i started writing "OUTRAGEOUS" stuff..and would think..if someone ever found my hidden key BOY would they get an eye full!! humm i wonder what happened to those diaries!!

thanks for this freshness! ((hugs))

Blogging is a kind of diary. It is sometimes nice to look back at the trips and family stories I've written about.

Anonymous says:

I wrote in a diary every day for about a year or two when I was really young. Blogging is sort of like a diary.

I remember the challenge of keeping a diary. First I would make things up because I felt my life was so dull. Then with four sisters, I quickly learned they enjoyed snooping for my diary and calling me out on all the tall tales!

Blogging is a lot easier...

Everyone, you are so nice to me, thank you! I am impressed that while I was sleeping I got so many responses :)
@Diana - well my mom was pretty cool with the fact that I wanted a diary and she did respect my privacy, but somehow I did not live an exciting life (or at least that is what I thought at that time), that is the reason why I did not really know what to write!
@Jean - my crushes were limited to two :) Maybe one day I'll tell you those stories
@Cathy - we were not silly, just childish still and that is what I think is important, that you live your age as it is! We are not alone, that is for sure!
@Leenouh - it is relaxing and it helps you focus on nice things!
@Paula - wow, you had stories to tell, maybe you could re-read them, who knows what you might find!
@Jan - childhood memories are sweet, most of the time!
@Linda - it is kind of a diary, but I feel free by writing it!
@Barb - that is what I also thought last night when I wrote this post, I should ask my mom to find my diaries!
@Spark - welcome!
@Joyce - it is indeed an adequate medium!
@Brenda - try to find them, I for sure will!
@Belle - it is a record of emotions, and it is related to moments in time. I also love to have it in my life!
@Madeline - it is and it brings lots of joy!

I loved my first diary until my brother shared it with his friends :S I much prefer to blog!

Yeah, I find blogging so much better than keeping a diary. Nice post.

Excellent point! I keep a diary but it doesn't get written in often. It's mostly for stuff I'm grateful for.

I wish I still had the diary I wrote as a child. We used fountain pens back then and my diary drowned in a flooded basement. I lost everything I wrote.

@Jenn - that is so unfair!
@Langley - me too :)
@Kristy - a good approach
@Theresa - too bad, I'm sorry, you are right it would be interesting to read now what you wrote then!

I'm a dork: I've been blogging since I was in the 1st grade. My entries were a lot like yours, then I started using my journal as a way to do writing exercises while still writing about my life. I blog because it's so much easier to type out my rambling than write it down.

Nice job! Diary's and pre-teen girls are just a fact. I have always written, but never did well with the diary. It seemed to structured to me. I write when I want to, not because it's the end of the day and I need to recap. lol

@Kate - you are right, we were bloggers before we know it :-)
@Jo - I agree, the structure and the need to write made it to limitative!

Nice, short, good. Love it.

I never managed to keep a meaningful diary because my mother read them (no matter where I hid them!) and I couldn't be honest. So I kept a diary in my head and I still draw on it today :) I loved this, Claudia *hugs*

Diaries...ugh. Mine were so...cringeworthy!

I can sum my angst in one word: boys.

Bwahahahahahaaaa! I have pages and pages and pages and pages and pages about every little thing a boy did, said or I thought he did around me.

So embarrassing...

Here's to blogging! May one day we not look back on our entries and cringe!

Well done!

@Pam - thank you!
@Gil - it is very interesting to see how this diary post brings on so many vivid memories!
@Amy - boy (blush) :) And you are right, may we be proud of our blogging entries! Thank you!

I kept a diary when I was young too. I prefer blogging, it is a lot more fun and you meet a bunch of wonderful people like you which is a bonus!! Well done!!


@Kathy - I agree with you, blogging is more fun and thank you for your kind words!

Anonymous says:

Loved this! You know, before I knew I could write creatively, I was so attracted to a "diary." You know, the one with the little key, to keep your secrets safe. But, I will be honest...I didn't trust the key. I never could be totally honest in my diary, because I had the fear of someone reading it, somehow, someway. Now, as an adult, writing is freeing and I understand that. Excellent view point on this writing and thanks for taking me back a few years!

@Beachlover - a good point, writing is freeing, love that thought!

I've jotted down thoughts here and there in diary format--I've never told anyone I'm living with if I was keeping one because it's human nature to be nosy.

@Eccentricity - yes, people are nosy, you are right. Sometimes the intimacy can be broken.

Love it!!!
When I was in high school, I had a teacher, Annie Thomas. She would have us journal for 10 to 20 minutes every day. Her philosophy was, "I don't care what you write about as long as you write about something." I still have a few of those journals. Some days the pages are filled with nothing but "something", or the word "blank" over and over again : )

@Christine - you know what? Filling the pages with something or blank is also art :)

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