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Finally after a couple of grey and cold weeks, we had a wonderful summer day today. Sunny, warm, almost cloudless so we decided to spend as much as possible outside.

The first location: a nice coffee shop, outside, enjoying a nice icecream.

After this we thought we could do more, so why not have dinner somewhere. We chose a tapas bar, with a small salad, a chilled white wine. Lovely location, quiet, nice conversation. But then ...

A woman came around, very loud, she became verbally abusive. She told us that she just was allowed to leave the ward. She scared me a bit. And then she asked if she could have a glass of water. Then she wanted ice. And the last scary bit was a knife!! I was thinking please don't! In the end she left, the owner came out and ask kindly if she would go away. She did, but again by being loud and abusive.

But in the end we still got our relaxing evening, spend some nice hours together ... I'm off again! Tomorrow ... Destination known!



That must have been quite a scary experience. I hope tomorrow is more peaceful!

@Sarah - flying should more peaceful!

OH Claudia...how upsetting and awful when you were out to enjoy the summer day. I hope that is the last of the warp in the summer days!


Wow that is an interesting evening! Glad you made it home without being harmed by a troubled woman.

Hi Claudia. So pleased that you finally got a lovely warm summer day, but what a shame about that woman. Must have been a bit frightening really. Thank goodness that she left and you were able to go back to enjoying yourselves. Off on your travels again - gosh, you're a glutton for punishment!!!

@Sush - well we did our best, what counts in the end is to spend time together right?
@Jenni - true, interesting it was!
@Diane - yes, Im a traveller :)

I'm afraid that can happen anywhere. I was on a bus on the way to my cousin's funeral and a man there kept talking to me and wanted a date. Then he said he was out on a three day pass! I didn't know if it was from jail or a psychiatric facility!

LOL - the dangers of living in town that charges Kurtaxe. (Yikes!) But I know how you feel. My town is sort of state "parking place" for the mentally ill, which sometimes drives the restaurant owners crazy. Most of the time, these people are harmless, but you never know... you never know... Don't worry, the manager is sure to complain the the home for not watching over her.

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