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Be willing to trust your instincts, especially if you cannot find answers elsewhere
by Brian Koslow

A walk in the park with Peter and our dog, Naila. A very strange weather, a mix of summer seconds then autumn wind. Just enjoying the nature and the company, sometimes this brings much more energy than anything else. And then we saw her, the little squirrel munching some nuts, looking for food and jumping all around.

She did trust me at the distance, I could get some shots, then slowly I approached her, tried a different angle, she looked skeptical, but still I got my pictures. Naila stayed at the distance, Peter noticed my interest and hold her. Better views, lesser distance , but the Naila wanted to be close to me. And of course at one point the squirrel lost her confidence and trust and dissapeared in the forest. But for 3 minutes the two of us were at peace, we found a truce, and I could share with you her majestic beauty.



Anonymous says:

Squirrels are so cute. I love this blog.

@Diana - they are adorable indeed!

Squirrels are NOT cute; and they may trust me, but I don't trust them. Several have chewed their way through our roof and taken up residency in our house. Although we've had the wood repaired, they continue to do it all over again. They make sounds through the walls, knock plaster into our patio, and they don't even pay rent. We can't seem to get rid of these ugly creature for nothing!


@Joyce - sorry for this reminder! I do like them in nature and when they are free! But I can understand your experience!

@Joyce - I read your comment to my husband who did spend some time in USA and he mentioned that European red squirrels are different from your grey ones :) so ours are allowed to be nominated as cute!

Lovely photographs and what a lovely story.

I was hoping for photos of your dog too as you said she looked like Charlie!

Red squirrels are on the decline here and are protected.

Nice post and I enjoyed reading


The (grey) squirrels in my garden are nothing but a nuisance, as they did up all my plants!

Love this. I really enjoyed the pictures.

@Fiona - I will post one soon :)
@Paula - oh dear me! They are truly something!
@Laura - it was fun to take them!

I am usually not the biggest fan of squirrels (one ate the inside of my patio chair once and then decided to make it it's home) but these pictures were very cute.

I enjoy watching the gray squirrels in our yard--probably because we've never had trouble with them chewing their way into the house. One does like to come up onto the deck and peer in through the glass door, tho.

Those are great pictures Claudia. We have a lot of squirrels here and I love watching them. Especially when they start chasing other squirrels around and around a tree. They are entertaining to say the least.

@Stephtee - as I see many of you had not so nice encounters with the little squirrels! :(
@Angela - that is cute, you should take a photo :)
@Barb - yes, sometimes they race like crazy!

Lovely photos of your little furry friend! Grey squirrels certainly DO look cute, but, over here, they are known as tree rats, and can do an awful lot of damage. But they still LOOK really cute!!

I still think they're cute, even if they are a nuisance! Yesterday, a black squirrel was sneaking into our chicken coop and stealing their food!
It's funny that we have so many in our yard since the dogs think it is their duty to chase them out...they keep coming back!

@Diane - it was fun to watch!
@Laura - maybe they have fun with the chase :)

Anonymous says:

I love squirrels. There's one who hangs out in the tree that hangs over our pool a bit. He likes to toss down little nuts at us when we float around in the pool and then he makes he coolest sound, like he's laughing. Cracks me up. :O)

Not a fan of squirrels usually but loved your photos. Great post on the theme!

@Beth - I would like to hear that :) must be fun!
@Christina - thank you :)

We feed the squirrels here from our bird feeder and love watching them stretch out to fill their little pouches with seeds and then their bellies and finally scamper off to their nests.
I know they can be very destructive, but we have not had that experience here, thank God.
Loved the shots!

Wow, you guys have a nice wide open park! I love the picks. I use to live in a place that had tons of gray squirrels but there aren't any where I live now.

great photos!

My daughter can't say squirrel, instead she says "curl", which is just about as cute as those pictures! :)

Two years ago, my cat brought a baby squirrel to me. He was so gentle and sweet with the squirrel. Anyway...he gave the baby to me and I raised her. I loved that squirrel. When she was ready to go free, I let her go. I miss her so much. She was such a sweet girl. If I ever find another baby squirrel, I won't hesitate to raise another one.

Wow, you got some really cool shots.

Cool shots of the squirrel. I have seen some tame ones in my time. Most tend to flee if you get to close. Great blog and take on trust!!


@Jo - there are cute in my eyes, but I can understand the people who had nasty experiences with them!
@Jay - yes, the park is amazing! You can walk for hours!
@Awwsumkitteh - thanks :)
@The host - cure, you are right it fits!
@Darlene - you are such a wonderful person!
@Langley - I had luck for sure!@Kathy - I had the proper inspiration!

Squirrels can be skiddish...kinda cool that she trusted you long enough to get these shots!! Love the take on trust!

Anonymous says:

Oh, the fear to protect one's self! I just love squirrels and their bushy little tails! This was very beautiful and thanks for the pictures. What a beautiful park!

@Jenn - yes, I felt very lucky and I was grateful for her patience!
@Beachlover - the park is one of the best location in town, so much life in it!

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