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If I could turn back time ... not for me! Just being happy where I am, just now!


I am having the time of my life, no matter how busy, how stressful, how many worries. I am where I am!

Time and time again so present in our life, ruling our decision, such a precious resource, still so often spend on irrelevant things!

Time has come today to enjoy what life gives us! Smile, relax, be an active witness, it is your choice!

The time is on your side, don't think of tomorrow!

Time how time flies away when you are having fun!

P.S. This entry is done for the weekly them under The Writers' Post, namely Thoughts on time.



Great tracks for us to listen to today, Claudia. The first two were my favourites. So glad that you are happy with who you are, and with the stage you are at in your life right now. Hope that Peter is continuing to improve, so that he can soon be home again.

Oh my goodness--you started this one of with my most favorite female artist ever--I've adored Cher since I was literally a toddler!! Anyway--interesting note--the short blond guitar player in that video with the sunglasses is Cher's son. You will note he won't look at her--(I mean come one she isn't wearing something he'd really want to see his mom in--right??) LOL.

I actually love all these songs!! I love Cindy Lauper and the Stones!! Great post on time!!

Cheers, Jenn.

@Diane - thank you, it was fun selecting them! Yes, I am grateful for who I am! And I hope on Monday he will be home!
@Jenn - I am happy that you like my choices!

@Karen - me too, it was fun!

This is a lovely post sharing a great selection of songs. I am pleased to hear Peter should be home on Monday. Bet you'll be spending time planning a nice welcome back!

@Desiree - unfortunately I will have to postpone it for 2 days, I must go on a business trip on Monday but I am grateful for friends who will take care of Peter. Not so easy at the moment, but with good planning you can solve any challenge!

Loved the post and a great selection of songs!! :)

Great music! Artists sure have written a lot of time songs.


Some great songs here, I particularly like the Rolling Stones, and wonderful news about peter.

Anonymous says:

Great songs :) my favorite is "If I could turn back time" with Cher. Have always loved that song.
Hope you enjoy your day.


@Kathy - thank you!
@Joyce - so true and this is only a sample!
@Sarah - Thank you, I cannot wait to see him home!
@Eva - Cher had a wonderful voice!

Oh, another music lover. Great picks and excellent take on this week's theme. I enjoyed listening to the songs.

@Langley - I am happy, I also enjoyed picking them :)

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