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My first giveaway, pretty exciting. I will keep it very simple since I believe that anyone will appreciate a gift card to buy some books or DVDs. I chose Amazon, it has world wide coverage and anyone could use it. The gift card's value is 15 Euro or 20 USD, depending on the winner's location.

The rules are pretty easy as well:

For one chance
- Leave a comment for this entry, a short or long one, it does not matter. It should only mention your interest in this giveaway
- Be my follower

For double chance
- Twitter this entry (do let me know that you did that via a comment)
- Mention this entry on your blog (same as above)

Are you in? I wish everyone good luck! ENJOY!

P.S. Giveaway deadline: the 31st of July 2011

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awwww...Claudia. You are too sweet. Well, you know my sad story. Too broke to buy books. lol. I torture myself every now and then and visit Amazon and read the reviews of books I have now put on a wishlist so I can buy later. So yes I am interested! lol.

Hi Claudia - what a great idea my friend! I've been having a think about having my own giveaway, because so many people seem to be doing it at the moment. It's just trying to come up with an idea, but you've hit it spot on! Please may I be included?? I will mention it on my blog as well, so, hopefully, that will give me 2 entries! Enjoy your weekend, and I hope so much that the weather is improving for you. Pretty disman here today, I'm afraid!

@Trinista - wish you all the luck, I know you love books as much as I do!
@Diane - I just thought of giving it a try! To see if it works and since I already have 2 ladies interested it is worth it :))) Weather much better today, I guess it is coming from UK!

Aww Claudia that's lovely. Not sure I'm eligible as I only spend in English pounds :)

Forgot to say that I will mention it on my blog but don't give me a point for that because it won't be until next Monday or Wednesday :)

@Sarah - if you win I'll convert it to pounds for you :) and if you mention, it will be valid, just drop by and let me know :)

Awesome idea!! I would love love love an amazon card, as I just bought a kindle yesterday!! So I am very much in on this giveaway.

See...Now you have me thinking :)

Okay, so I am already a follower!! And I've mentioned this. I'll tweet it next and then mention on my blog. Then I'll go back and make sure I don't forget a step!! Cheers, Jenn

@Jenn - well I am new to this so I might come and ask you all if I forgot something :)))) Glad to have you!

I love giveaways and I love amazon! I'm now following you (thought I already was following, but just rectified that).

@Marie Anne - I am happy I chose something to which people can relate to :)

Just gave you a plug on my blog post here.

Anonymous says:

This is a lovely gesture! I will tweet for you. =D

@Marie Anne - thanks!
@Diana - cool, shall I consider you in? :-)

I never win giveaways but what the heck, put me in.

Wow! A giveaway. Count me in. I love contests. I will go tweet for you right now. I hope you get a lot of interest and new followers.


@Barb - never do I , but I wish you all the luck!
@Joyce - thanks, you've doubled your chance :)

I tried to find you on Twitter so that I could follow that account, but no luck. I'm at http://twitter.com/#!/Joyce_Lansky

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How thoughtful! I rarely say no to something free, especially from Amazon (love that site!)...thank you from one of your followers!

@Joyce - I have to dig out my twitter account :) Thanks for the post, double chance!
@Susan - welcome in the competition!

That is a lovely giveaway! Most people who blog love to read. Put my name in the hat!

@Belle - you are on :)

This is fun! Sure, I'm in! I LOVE to read! I will also Tweet this! Thanks for sharing with the Positivity Group!

@Marian - your name will go in the hat twice, let me know under which twitter account!

Anonymous says:

What a great idea :)

So you are in? Don't forget to follow :)))

Anonymous says:

:=) Than you for reminding me - have tweeted and is now following.

@Eva Marie - double the chance then :) Let me know which account :)

Such a nice giveaway...thanks for hosting it. Good Luck to everyone that enters :)

@Stephtee - are you also in? :) Good luck!

Claudia--what a great idea! Who does't NEED an amazon card? So many books..so little time and money. And, then there are always the children's books I want to buy. "Ish" is the first one on my list right now.
I will tweet, blog and do all you asked. Blessings....

@Kay - I am happy you like the idea :) Let me know under which tweet :)

Congrats on doing your first giveaway. Count me in as signing up! I love amazon.com - I buy from them just about everyweek.

Great giveaway idea - everyone can use this!

I tweeted it too:

Hot Pink Combat Bts Check out Claudia's sweet giveaway - an AMAZON.COM giftcard giveaway: http://t.co/UBOM8AF
2 minutes ago via Tweet Button
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@Michelle - you've doubled your chance girl :)

I am a follower and I'd love to win!
littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous says:

I'm already following you, but it would be sweet to win an Amazon card. Gotta love Kindle dollars. :O)

Anonymous says:

Oh, and I just tweeted you, too! :O)

@Aubrey - thank you for being my follower, welcome!
@Beth - wow, you do want to win :))

The Amazon giveaway is and awesome prize...I'll mention this in my blog>

Kathy at Oak Lawn Images
PS thanks for stopping by my latest post!!

I'm getting a Kindle for my birthday next week, so I'd love a voucher so that i can start buying all my friends' books!

Just tweeted it too!
PaulaRomancesPaula Martin
Giveaway - enter a comment on Claudia Moser's blog for a chance to win Amazon voucher http://t.co/hqCqLlm
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@Paula - thank you for entering and I'm following you on twitter now :)

What a great giveaway! My wish list for books is pretty long. :)

@Kay - mine too, and just won one amazing book today, happy :-)

I would love to have a chance to win. I will tweet since I don't have a blog recent enough for anyone to see it.

Thank you for doing this for us and especially for the one special person who will win.


@Darlene - thank you for taking part and no worries, your name will go once in the hat :)))

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