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And I am here, back in my home town, enjoying a wonderful Indian summer morning, the sky is so blue that you could sink your eyes in it. The temperatures are warm and mild, I am only dreaming of walking and we will do so in a couple of minutes.

Peter and I are both so happy to be able to share a Sunday breakfast with my mom and granny, we were chatting about this and that for more than 2 hours, and life does feel good.

Sometimes you cannot find words to describe a situation since you land in a writing road block, but today I believe that HAPPY is the only existing word to define how I feel.

I wish you all a lovely Sunday!

P.S. Please excuse my lack of posting from yesterday, it took us some time to fix the wireless, so this should actually be a post for Saturday since I know that HAPPY was and will be my state here in Timisoara.



I am so glad to read your lovely Sunday morning HAPPY post and to know that you are content and delighted with life that is all you can ask for.

Breakfast with your mum and grandma sound fantastic.

No warm sunshine here I'm afraid, but rain, rain and more rain...........

My husband and 2 boys are HAPPY too because Ireland have just beaten Italy in the Rugby world cup, so smiles all around.

Enjoy your day my friend.

x Fiona

Anonymous says:

I'm happy to hear you've gotten some nice time with your Mum and Granny :)

Enjoy your Holiday!


What a lovely post. I'm so glad you've been able to share some family time after all your recent problems.

So happy for you to be at 'home'. I know how much that means to you. Enjoy it and relax. So happy!! Hugs.

Happy is a wonderful place to be. I feel happy today also.

I'm really pleased that you are with your mum and grandma 'at home' once again. Have a lovely time my friend.

Oh Claudia...I am so delighted you are spending time with Peter, your Mum and Grandma. And in your home town...that is so comforting isn't it? Like putting on your favorite old slippers and robe...cozy and comfortable!


@Fiona - the weather was indeed amazing but around the 7th of October in the evening the cold front reached Romania as well. Now I am debating with my body and trying to persuade it not to catch a cold :)
@Eva - they are amazing, pictures will follow tonight!
@Sarah - life was great during my holiday, now back to work!
@Barb - thank you my dear!
@Belle - glad for you, hope this is valid today as well!
@Diane - I had, thank you for your kind words!
@Sush - such a wonderful and true description!

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