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Censorship is a word of many meanings. In its broadest sense it refers to suppression of information, ideas, or artistic expression by anyone, whether government officials, church authorities, private pressure groups, or speakers, writers, and artists themselves.

These restraints have the effect of limiting the diversity that would otherwise be available in the marketplace of ideas and so may be considered censorship in its broadest sense. There are almost as many justifications offered for the suppression of communication but the root is always the same. It is a fear that the expression, if not curtailed, will do harm to individuals in its audience, or to society as a whole.

For example the so-called obscene material is attacked because of a fear that it will corrupt personal morality or perhaps even lead to deviant sexual acts. School textbooks and library materials are sought to be purged by groups who fear that they may inculcate subversive values in children. Information concerning national security is controlled by government, with particular severity in wartime, for fear that its revelation may aid an enemy. In the judicial system, pretrial publicity about a crime may jeopardize a fair trial. Publication of personal information by police (such as the names of victims) or by the press (such as one's sexual preferences) may seriously intrude on one's right to privacy. The fear of such consequences, real or imagined, is what drives the censorial impulse.

 But for me an important aspect is the one in respect to mental censorship. For me the freedom of speech and of thought is valuable, without it I cannot imagine living. In the end I am pretty lucky of living in a society where I am allowed to express my feelings and my ideas without the fear of being oppressed. What about you? What does the word censorship bring into your mind?



Censorship makes me think of Communism and dictatorships. It makes me think of government newspapers that print propaganda and keep the populace in ignorance.

Have you ever thought that if people are searching out censored material that will make them corrupt, it's too late for them anyway. So why censor?


Hi Claudia. I agree with Belle. Censorship makes me thing of the old USSR, and life before the Berlin wall came down in Germany, but of course, it still goes on all over the world. I do agree that films and videos should be censored, so that youngsters can't watch the wrong sort of thing.

I assume you would not tolerate censorship under any circumstances? None at all. Not even if I posted the rudest, most insulting, defamitory comment I could possibly think of; if I insulted you and committed the crime of "Verleumdung / Beleidigung" (aspersion/insult)? Wouldn't you censor my comments? (With every right and for good reasons!) Wouldn't you judge them impertinent and insulting? Censorship is important in a few instances, but basically I am in agreement with you.

I think censorship makes me think of not being able to express my views--however I choose to suppress them, because of the fear of oppression by some external entity. Yep...that about sums it up. I won't say I am opposed to all censorship--but as all things in life--we should have moderation. Cheers, Jenn.

I agree. No censorship is necessary. I love rating the films and magazines and books idea because it helps parents decide what is okay for their particular child. No child is suddenly able to handle foul language he/she may not have heard just because they turned 13 or whatever. Parents need to parent. Ratings help.
Censoring our comments is an interesting thought. I have never done that. I have had a couple that were hateful, but I felt they had a right to their opinion. I didn't want to read them, so I quit reading. I didn't delete them. Didn't even consider deleting them. Now I'm not sure why not, but they are still out there. I don't care if someone is hurtful or rude to me, I consider the source and move on. Censoring those comments doesn't make them go away if I have already read them. They would be in my head. I read enough to know they were hurtful and held no value to me and moved on.
I am opposed to censorship, I say let the public censor with their wallets and their loyalty.
I also respect the opinions that are opposite of mine. There is always room for opposing views.

Censorship immediately makes me think of all the people who are not allowed to speak their minds, be it political or even within a family. Free speech, free thought and the chance to express that thought without censorship is a fundamental right of any human being. I hope to see this is a reality before I die.

@all - thank you all for your honest opinion on such a interesting topic!

I'm with you girlfren.

@Rick - :)

I am pretty much against censorship. I like to be able to decide myself about things. Great blog Claudia!


@Kathy - thank you for your kind words!

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