Jane fishing

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Hours with no bite
Am I foolish or hopeful?
But still I persist.

A sudden rainbow
A slow movement
Another attempt

But the salmon
Oh my poor face!

Hospital, pain
Stitches as proof.

 And that was Jane, while fishing!

P.S. this small poem was written for this week's GBE2 theme!



Anonymous says:

Nice, Claudia! Jane now has one tale to add to her portfolio of possible answers. :O)

@Beth - not so glamorous, but I guess believable :)

It's FABULOUS! I'd never considered the fishing angle (get it? Angle. Angler. Hee hee. I crack myself up). If I tried to fish, that's exactly what would happen to me too.

@Jane - happy I gave you a new perspective, migh work :)

I love fly fishing! One of my favorite pass times and trips to take! Beautiful photo!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

What about the fish that got away? LOLOL Poor Jane really got a battle scar from that fish story. Great job!! Love it!


Anonymous says:

I wouldn't have thought of that either - brilliant!

The picture is great, but 27 stitches?! OUCH!!! That's bad and maybe the best time to think of buying fish from a shop... ;-) Hope you had a lovely weekend xo

Great idea Claudia...I have a little surprise for you on my entry! he he he ♥

What an awesome photo, but I can't get over the 27 stitches! Yeeeouch!

What a fun poem! But 27 stitches. Oh my. My daughter Christine loves fishing too.

@Jessa - I believe it is very relaxing!
@Kathy - well yes, she did try her best to catch the salmon, bu you are not always luck.
@KAT - thank you, one way to explain the stiches right?
@Mlle Poirot - sometimes it is best to shop instead of catching your prey :) as for the story it is am explanation for an accident which Jane actually had!
@Jo - you made me laugh! Very good
@Becky - yes, that must hurt a lot
@Belle - I remember from one of your posts about her adventures!

Au-au-au! That hurts just thinking about it! ;)

Great take on how Jane got her scar. The fish did it!! Fly fishing is a cool sport--awesome job!

@weissdorn - I believe that the pain Jane had was tremendous!
@Jenn - thank you so much!

at first i thought she was catching a trout; we use to catch the rainbows in new england. This lil poem brought me there...and then OUCH it had to be a big salmon to tug hard and ooooooohey.

@Brenda - yes poor Jane, maybe next time she will catch one!

I was going to do a fishing one (a great shocker to those who know me, I'm sure), so now it's back to the drawing board ; )
I enjoyed this, Claudia : )

@Christine - I bet our story would be different than mine, give it a try!

I'm just starting to read my way through everyone's ideas, and I love the fact that yours is the first I read and is actually the first possible scenario I also thought of! Loved it xx

LOL! Reminds me of "The Old Man and the Sea!" Very funny Claudia! Lesson of the day: buy your sashimi from the market or groceries and avoid the fight.:)

@Gil - wow, we do think alike!
@Feathered Pen - so true :)

That's great!

oh lol .. a truly fishy tale. nicely done.

@Mike - thank you!
@suzy- well said!

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