Q - Quit a bad habit. Quiet your mind.

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And now it is time for my challenge, this is it! Can you be still? I know I cannot at all times, I am so often restless, always feeling like a yo-yo, always moving. But try, even for a minute :)

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Oh yes I can be quiet and still, believe me! In the evening when kids are sleeping I have my moment on the sofa, no talk, no tv. Just sitting. Wonderful!

@Sofia - well done, I agree it is wonderful to just let your mind rest!

I love this! Now, when I'm sitting doing nothing, I can tell my family that I am just creating space for new ideas and experiences. Brilliant! I actually love to just sit quietly and reflect. I think it is quite important actually. Hope your mouth will feel better soon!¬

Claudia, I will get back to you with the recipe, just have to translate it first!

@Diane - this is a wonderful description of just sitting quiet, I will adopt that next time someone is asking me what do I do :)
@Sofia - thank you so much!

I can sit quiet, but my mind can't!

@Paula - sometimes it is challenging for me to do both :)

I definitely need my quiet time and am always more productive for having taken advantage of it. Great reminder for the workaholic.

Stopping by from the A-Z Challenge, blogging at Write, Wrong or Indifferent.

I will admit, I have a tough time with this one, but do keep on trying. Best way for me to achieve it is to picture the words in my mind: " Be still, and know that I am". Then my mind can start to clear.

I can do nothing but I'm not sure about being still...a quiet mind...hmmm...that would be really hard. Will work on that.

yup..my favo scripture; "be still and know..."
(of course the most important part is after that quote) amazing grace...and you

Anonymous says:

Most days, I have a little purposeful still, quiet time. I'd like to do a lot more of nothing. Someday.

I can be quiet and still, and I love the quiet when I am home alone.


I love time to be quiet and still and think about stuff (plots mostly) but I always feel as though I should be doing something else. I'll work on perfecting that guiltless stillness!

I love quiet time. As for quitting a bad habit, I probably shouldn't drink as much Diet Coke, but I just don't care enough to try to stop yet :)

yeah i don't have too much trouble quieting my mind--during the day

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Everyone is welcome to my post on Sunday's when I feature a guided video meditation. Pick your favorite from past posts or come along with me on a journey of being quiet and still. The benefits (body, mind, soul) are enormous.

@MarieAnne - you've got me :) workaholic for sure :)
@Amy - good approach
@Brenda - thank you
@Beth - just believe that someday is now!
@Kathy - when home alone it is easier!
@Linda - yes, the guilt that you don't do anything useful, I know what you mean!
@Tasha - try Coke Zero :)))
@Lynn - lucky you!
@Feather - thank you, I will give it a try!

my mind is always quiet. except when i'm playing out one my imaginary scenario's :P yes, i talk to myself. and my invisible friends. but being home alone all day, what else am i supposed to do? :P

I am pretty good at being quiet and being still. The thing is, I like it there and sometimes, I stay a bit too long.

I used to be able to, but I've forgotten how. I suppose it's time for me to get back to being quiet at least a little each day!

@Jenny - funny :)
@Jo - well if you feel right why not!
@Jennifer - it is!
@Amanda - do try!

Quiet mind... most of the time this is an easy one for me, and when it's not... it is definitely not. Today... it's not.

I find that I can do this often enough to gain a new perspective...even in the worst of times!

Cheers, Jenn

@November Rain - there are days and days!
@Jenn - lucky you!

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