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May 2012, one week after finalising the A-Z Challenge and I must admit I am sad, it was so much fun and I do believe that my approach with the ABC  Happiness Guide was a good theme.

The organisers did think of all of us who did manage to reach the Z and issued this badge, pretty cool right?

And since this is a reflection some of the things I thought might be interesting:

Top 3 posts

Top 3 comments per post

My favourite 3 posts, strangely enough the ABC ones

April 2012 was the best month ever in the life span of my blog with 4.357 hits plus 32 new followers, wow! I am so humbled by your presence, comments, support and constant care, THANK YOU!

And to end my ABC Happiness Guide in one overview

Picture from here



no need to be sad, we're one day closer to the 2013 challenge :)

what a fabulous display! you brightened my day!
looking forward to more sunn posts =)

I love your theme. I definitely think that I'm going to come back over the weekend and read them all. :-)

Hi Claudia. Good to see your A - Z Happiness Guide all in one go! Congratulations on all the new Followers my friend. Now you just have to keep up with them all. Hee Hee!! Glad to see that you enjoyed the Challenge so much. Great little badge you now have!

Anonymous says:

Your whole month's posts were awesome, Claudia!

@Baygirl - that is true, I have to think of something challenging for 2013 :)))
@Tara - thank you so much for your lovely words!
@Misha - thank you, I would be happy if you would do that
@Diane - yes, I hope that all of my followers will remain faithful and that they will always find something interesting to read
@Beth - coming from you, this means a lot!

There was not one I didn't enjoy! Great month for visiting Claudia...Oh yeah, every month is a good month to visit Claudia! ♥

@Jo - that is very sweet of you, thank you!

I think I said it in nearly every one of my comments: I could print and post easch of your entries and display them on the wall of my cave for daily inspiration and perspective. I loved it!!!

Anonymous says:

Hi Claudia! I enjoyed stopping by your blog during the challenge. You had some really good posts.

That picture is so cool!

@Amy - that is very kind of you, I am glad that my posts were useful to you, that actually my aim!
@Susanne - thank you, I will do my best to keep them coming also in the future!

Anonymous says:

That was a great theme. Congratulations on surviving!

So beautifully demonstrated. I love the sunburst at the end with all your posts! What a wonderful them for the month you had. I enjoyed many of the posts.

@KAT - thank you, enjoyed every second!
@Amy - thank you very much, it was a good idea and glad I pulled it through!

Your A-Z posts always brought a smile to my face.I am looking forward to next year too.


@Kathy - thank you so much :)

I love the ABC's of happiness flower, that's brilliant Claudia :-)

@November Rain - it is a nice collection for my A-Z Challenge posts!

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