Unexpected yes, but great Sunday

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Can you guess what we did?



wow.... your pictures made me thirsty, hungry and mostly jealous because I would love to be doing something like that with my sunday .. It looks so wonderful! Thank you for posting . Happy Sunday!!!

@Jenni - thank you, it was a wonderful day, unplanned :)

I love your post today Claudia.

Well the food looks delicious - am trying to figure out if it is some type of casserole
but whatever it look scrumptious!

Nothing nicer than an expected treat,
food, drink and looking at men in tight shorts!
No wonder you enjoyed it!!!!


@Fiona - you are hilarious with your last statement :))) the food was Chinese, duck withmushrooms, very yummy! And you are right, I had fun :)

Well, my guess, given the sugar packet is written in German, is that you (and your hubby, possibly) are sitting in a roadside cafe, or hotel cafe, watching the Bad Homburg Cycling race. I presume it is held yearly, as you posted about it last year (the detective in me went sleuthing).

And...you've written this entry based on your participation with a blog challenge called GBE2 (which I don't know what that means and your link on the sidebar only goes to a sign in page for Facebook - which I do not use)

Anyway, it looks like you had a wonderful time and I hope it was as exciting as the pictures are to look at!

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@Jenny- dix points :))) almost 100% perfect guess, just the coffees were on the way and the lunch was on a terasse with a view towards the race :) well done my dear!

Watched the cycle race (I thought it might have been the Tour de France first), had lovely cup of coffee with an acoholic drink, had a lovely meal out, had a walk in the park?! Looks like you had a lovely time anyway. Great pics for this Sunday my friend.

@Diane - I didmix the pics to make the guessing more attractive :)) the coffee was first, all great days start with a nice cup of coffee :)) the rest is right :)

Anonymous says:

Looks like you had a great day!

@Susanne - so true :)

Oh, LOVELY Sunday shots and happy for you for wonderful day♡♡♡
Lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

@Miyako - thank you so much, have a nice day as well!

seriously, you just sat there and watched the bikers race by? while watching the olympics, i wished i was one of the residents, just watching from the sidelines (rather than on tv)... lucky you, to have witnessed a race (in germany) first hand....

@Danneromero - yes I did and it is a great feeling, very powerful!

Looks like you had a wonderful, fun filled day!!


@Kathy - indeed I had!

What fun!

I wanna know what's in the wine glasses? It looks like an orange or a lemon slice...and?????
What a nice thing to do on a Sunday! We don't do that nearly enough, just get up and go find something to do or more accurately something to watch! lol
How positively romantic. ♥

@Ritu - indeed!
@Jo - well we are sometimes romantic :) the glass contains Bitterino, an Italian aperitivo, without alcohol, bitter but delicious in the summer!

Anonymous says:

Ooh, all sorts of wonderful!

@Beth - wonderful things indeed!

That's what great Sundays are made of. :) Now I feel a bit guilty, I spent the whole weekend lounging in my couch, watching the Olympics.

@Reiza - I do that in the evening, I am also enjoying the Olympics a lot! Great event!

Anonymous says:

Looks like a tasty Sunday brunch on a beautiful day! Good for you, Claudia!

@Linda - thanks!

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