Coup de foudre

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I will never get involved with a married man!' bursted Sarah, quite annoyed and having quite a delay to catch her plane to Manchester.

Her friend Lotte was rather annoyed and completely lost, she fell in love, lived her loved and now experienced abandon, just because she allowed a married man to get into her head. Lotte was a mess and she knew her friend needed her, but she had to be on that plane, she looked forward to that training session for such a long time.

She spend her after afternoon running but eventually she enjoyed her flight and the company of her colleagues. Reading was her favourite task while travelling and the time passed by quite fast, so she found herself in a country side hotel, very British, very cold, very narrow but with an amazing garden.

Her team actually want to skip dinner but when confronted with the small room, they all decided it's time for the bar, and maybe some fish and chips. Then came some cider and beer and the evening was rather amusing while watching Chelsea play in the Champions League. But Sarah was miles away, thinking of Lotte and what she thought to be a silly situation.

Suddenly she was left alone, some went to fetch new drinks, some were smoking and she felt she was under scrutiny. She looked around but identify no eyes fixed on her.

'Well I must just imagine things!' She thought but then again the look felt intense and she caught a glimpse of bulky sort of men turning abrubtly. Ignoring him she turned her attention towards her colleagues and the moment was forgotten.

The next morning she was looking forward to the start but she remained faithful to her morning routine, her 3 km run, and not even the cold drizzle stopped her. While running on the grounds (and admiring the beautiful cut trees) she felt the look again, but noticed no one.

The training room, anticipation, new faces, old faces. She enjoyed the company of her trainers, they always brought new brain food, and Sarah was in a learning mood.

And then the look, the same bulky strong man, with eyes of steel, blue and intense, covered by metallic glasses. And a smile which suddenly seemed so familiar.

And the three days meant no longer training sessions, but the anticipation of the breaks, brief talks, then longer discussions, running together, meeting for meals, exchanging more and more. The look never left her, Dirk's eyes were following her, not intruding but searching and longing.

Sarah suddenly understood Lotte and while running to catch her plane back home, she checked her smart phone looking for an email. From him.

'How did I fell for a married man?'



I'm so glad to see you posted it! Good for you. I like it!

You said you felt like writing again, and here you are! I liked the English references! Good piece of writing my friend 😉

Wow...great, moving and thought provoking! More please, pretty please?

Yes I agree I feel I need to know what happened next.

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