And now the real TAXI story :)

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The life was simply amazing, the sun was shining, and there was no worry in the world in Macao.

Carefully watching the birds around, scrutinizing the forest. Louis was slowly entering the maze; he somehow felt that he was coming near to his dream. He was curious, intelligent, and stubborn. His journey was long, the Astrolabe ship took him from France to Madeira and Tenerife, then to Trinidad and then to the coast of Brazil including Santa Catarina Island. The captain then moved around the Cape Horn, the expedition landed at ConcepciĆ³n and on to the Sandwich Islands and then sailed north along the coast of north-west America to Alaska. One year later they were visiting Monterey before crossing the Pacific to land in Macao in China.

Now being almost at the end of the world trip, he was analyzing his findings, but still looking eagerly for new specimens especially birds interested him. His dream? To build the greatest collection of birds in the world in the museum. He knew that his innovation, the use of arsenical soap for preserving birds, allowed him to transport the collection back to France.

He was the first taxidermist of his generation, in 1793.



Anonymous says:

You are quite clever with the words. I like this post. =D

--Diana Jillian

Well Diana, it was inspired by my husband, he was the clever one this time :)

Indeed a clever rendition of your earlier version of the word taxi. You really do love a challenge !

@Desiree - I thrive under the sign of a challenge :) Now being serious, hubby challenged me so here it goes!

I wondered how someone could get the word "taxi" into a story from the 1700s. Very good!

My husband was the source of this, Belle!

*Chuckle* Sneaky hubby! :D Loved this, so evocative with all those exotic place names *hugs*

Yes, hubby is very creative, wish he would re-start blogging as well!

Anonymous says:

Oooh, clever! I loved this, you write beautifully. :)

@Madeline - thank you! I enjoyed this one!

That was a great story. Never even thought of Taxidermy when I read Taxi.

Well, what can I say? I have a creative hubby :)

Very interesting. I love stories like this. Reminds me of when I would gran an encyclopedia when I was younger and read the entries in those amazing books.

@Theresa - thank you, it was fun to post!

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