Cinquain: Dancing

Posted by Claudia Moser on 8:53 PM in
Inspired by Diana

Wildly, happy
Seeking, playing, provoking
An artistic motion of desire
In two

Next word: Butterfly



Loved this!

This was harder than the haiku though!

Claudia, book went into mail today.

Anonymous says:

It's a bit of a challenge, but this is awesome!

--Diana Jillian

Anonymous says:


This describes dancing wonderfully.


Anonymous says:

Amazing poem. :) I love to dance.

@Karen - I can't wait, thank you!
@Diana - thank you! Nice hint
@Beth :-)
@Belle - I am glad!
@Marian - thank you!
@Madeline - me too!

I'm haiku challenged.

I need a German perspective on my Franconian dinner post. I would love to know if you really eat this stuff. Do tell :)

Haiku challenged :) you are funny Michelle! I'll take a look and give you feedback!

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