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Week #6-- A Sweet Memory with a Song
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Do I remember correct the saying: you have to kiss many frogs till you get your price? Wonder who said it?!

Anyway, the song above from No Doubt, was THE SONG for my second boyfriend and me.

I met him in the university, we were colleagues and somehow we ended up together. I never knew why, if he did like me, of love I didn't dear to think, but still being the year's nerd (sorry Beth!) I felt that finally someone looked beyond my mind and also saw a woman. I have to admit that I was most likely boring, faculty representative in the university's senate for 3 years, best student for 5 years (with scholarships etc.), and in the end voted the best student of the faculty. I always loved to learn and somehow having a boyfriend was a sidetrack event in my life. But then Florin came and having him was fun, going to the cinema, having long walks and also talking to someone about school and getting feedback.

How silly I was!

Somewhere towards the end of my last year, I noticed that Florin is no giving me much attention. Being busy to study for the finals and getting my final paper done (a complicated marketing study), it did not bother me much. Until one day I saw him with another girl. So we talked and he told me bluntly that he never loved me, that he actually considered me a great ticket to get through the university since being associated with the nerd (a word he used) it got him better grades. And he left! Somehow I was frozen, I did not understand what was going on. So I continued to study and not wanting to think.

Flashforward a couple of months.

Sitting at home, in the kitchen talking to my mom while she was cutting some vegetables while the radio was running in the background. A typical Sunday morning in our home. My exams were behind me, I was actually DONE, happy, and exhausted.

And then, a voice comes at the radion telling his audience that you could call in and make a dedication via a song. Suddenly Florin's voice comes on the air and he starts to say how much he is in love and he would like to dedicate the song Don't Speak to his current girlfriend. And then it hit me! He only used me and I realised that 4,5 years were a lie.

What I learned out of it? You do not need a favourite song to share in the relationship, you need to share music, laughter, love and respect. And this is what was worth waiting and kissing a couple of frogs!



Kind of a bitter sweet memory...and wow--how unkind of him!! I mean no letting you down easy!! The song is fitting as well.

Also, I haven't heard this song in forever...kind of a flashback.

Thanks for sharing and participating in the HOP!!

Cheers, Jenn.

You are right and this is the only song which I share with someone else!

You've got the best revenge of all, by being happy now :)

WOW what an absolute JERK you're so much better off without him!


I liked this story Claudia. It reminded me of university, too, where I had a friend, very much like yours. Although he was terribly infatuated with me, and even fascinated with me, he was always too timid to take the first step, and I was never intrigued with boring boys. It was only when I moved to Germany, on the last day, that he confessed his interest (not undying love, mind you). Years later I found him on facebook. He had married a Mormon girl, who told him what is what, and I am happy for him, just like you are happy you let yours go. Who wants to live with someone who can't decide what they want?

@Sarah - you are right! :)
@Sarah - kind of agree with you :)))
@Karen - thank you, the background looks better! And I understand what you mean!
@Weissdorn - well life has its own path and you never know where you end up right?

Yes, what a jerk! Sadly, it does seem to be almost the norm to have to go through a few rotters to find your Prince and, you DID find yours!!!

@Desiree - true, but when you are young you are so restless and impatient :))

There's something about this song that speaks to so many women I know. Haven't we all been in that space... where 'Don't tell me cos it hurts' is all we want to say? Sometimes it is so much easier to ignore the truth which is screaming in our faces because we don't want to hurt.

But, as you say Claudia, in the end it is the ability to share two lives that is the proof of any couple. I'm glad you finally kissed the right frog *wink*

@Gil - yes, you are absolutely right and this has been a very painful experience in the end, but I made the right choice and that I know!

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