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Across velvet midnight
Two walk hand in hand
Tonight the streets belong to us

The moon sits
Shining a stairway to heaven
For a great eminent love

P.S. This is an entry linked with WEEK #9 word called Midnight and is made out of a double cinquain dedicated to my husband's birthday!



Anonymous says:

Well, you sure rocked this one! Nice job.

And happy birthday to your hubby! :O)

@Beth - Got the inspiration near by :) And thank you!

Anonymous says:

Happy b'day to your hubby. Wonderful Cinquain. Love Ella! Wonderful song! Wonderful post! =D

@Diana - I knew you would like it :) romantic as well! LOL

What an icon...I love this song! :)

@Maggie - the song came as fast as your ideas :))

I really like Ella Fitzgerald.
Great post, enjoyed it muchly.
Happy Birthday to your husband!

@Laura - Ella is indeed a great lady! And thank you!

This was great poem.

@Weissdorn - thank you!

Smooth! Well Done!


@Joyce - your approach is great!

Apparently this one was just under the surface waiting for the right prompt? Very, very nicely done.

What a wonderful poem and tribute to the love you hold for your husband!

@Jo - you can say that again!
@Divalounge - yes, I guess I will give this as a gift on his birthday :)

What a wonderful tribute to the love that you share with your husband!

Thanks for sharing it with the Positivity Group!

@Marian - thank you for dropping by!

Am I particularly unobservant or is this a brand new blog layout, Claudia? If so, you've been working hard.

Beautiful words! Hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday and a super time celebrating all the birthdays, including your dear husbands!

@Desiree - you are absolutely right, had some time today and played a bit with the background. Glad you like it! And I can't wait for our break!

Hi Claudia. I noticed your new blog look immediately and really like it. I love Ella Fitzgerald as well. Lovely words from you today. Happy birthday to your lovely husband, Peter. Have a lovely holiday.

Love Ella. What a voice. Happy Birthday to Hubby!!!!!! Great look to the blog too!

@Diane & Barb - thank you, I did some experimenting today :=) Will tell him, it is in 2 days :)

I loved this poem---it so illustrates the excitement of love!!

Cheers, Jenn

that was amazing and thanks for sharing.

Love the new look of your blog! Happy Birthday to Hubby! I love the poem, it is very romantic.

Wow, awesome poem!!


Its SMOOCHIN TIMEz!!! great post!!

@Jenn - that is a great description!
@Frizzy- thank you as well!
@Belle - will tell him!
@Kathy - thank you for your words of appreciation
@Brenda - blush blush!!!

Beautiful poem!

Anonymous says:

This was a very sweet dedication. Loved it!

I love Ella. Her voice is like velvet and so soothing.

Love your romantic cinquain about you and your hubby. Hope he enjoys his birthday.

@Jennifer - thank you, I got easily inspired!
@Beachlover - thank you, it was!
@Cathy - I love Ella as well.
@My Train Wreck - happy then!

Beautiful...thank you for sharing!

Bravo, great job. And happy birthday to the hubs.

@Susan & Langley - thank you, we had a wonderful time!

I LOVE Ella Fitzgerald! The song is a great accompaniment to your poem. Great job!

@Darlene - I love her voice as well!

Smooth. :-)

@Eccentricity - this reminds me of Smooth Operator by Sade, do you know the song?

That was beautiful, really touching. I envy your ability to write poetry!

@Gil - thank you!

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