Growing Wild

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Beth provided us the inspiration for this week's GBE2 entry, giving us 2 hints. The words: GROWING WILD and the following picture:

And since so many of my followers were enthusiastic about my city's parks and nature, I looked at my pictures and collected a series dedicated to the growing wild. Enjoy the walk!



I never saw Beth's picture. Oh well. Beautiful pictures that you added as well.


I love how you used pictures! Truly a unique and beautiful post.

Anonymous says:

Nice! Even wild berries! :O)

@Joyce - thank you, I also like the collection!
@MB - very kind of you!
@Beth - I even tried some, delicious!

Anonymous says:

Lovely photographs, I love the country side :)

@Eva Marie - we don't actually live in the country side, but it is very rural somehow :)

I love how you can find sights like this even in urban areas :)

@Sarah - you are right, you only have to look around!

Beautiful nature photos for us today, Claudia. My favourite has to be number 1. Love it! My husband is picking loads of blackberries from the garden at the moment.

@Diane - a balckberry pie would be lovely!

Very lovely photos!! Just beautiful!!

@Stephtee - thank you, nature is the best inspiration!

wonderful pictures - thank you!

Lovely photos, thanks for sharing

@Humor & Paula - thank you, gladly!

Hey Claudia, hope you don't mind, but I'm going to borrow your "walk" idea.
Very nice.

Absolutely beautiful!

@Rick - happy you enjoyed it and pls be my guest!
@Belle - thank you!

Mother nature at its best. The added bonus of berries doesnt' hurt either. Great pics Claudia!


@Michelle - thanks, I loved taking this shots as well :)

Lovely photos!! What a beautiful place!!


i SOooooo enjoyed the walk..and really believe i SMELLED THOSE FLOWERS!! ahhh piece of heaven on earth

@Kathy - I'm truly lucky, I know :)

@Brenda - I love your enthusiasm :)

I did enjoy my walk through your world and your eyes! Lovely!

@Jo - thank you :-)

Such beautiful pictures!

@The Host - thank you!

Loved your pictures from the Taunus. Were they from the Kurpark? They have such a lovely Kurpark there. It's such a pity you can't upload the fragrance of the Himylayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) you took pictures of. I love the scent of this wildflower so much, I think I would buy any perfume of it they made. LOL Danke, Claudia!

@Celeste - yes, some pictures from Kurpark were also included. You should drop by for a coffee!

Beautiful photographs. Thanks for taking us on the walk with you.

@Langley - I love to walk :) and glad you enjoyed it!

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