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McBloggery Topic #7 -"Leadership."

And this fits very well my current position, thus I thought I might share some thoughts / ideas in respect to leadership.

Starting point = leadership Definition as per Collins English Dictionary
1. The position or function of a leader.
2. the period during which a person occupies the position of leader: during her leadership very little was achieved.
3. a. the ability to lead. b. (as modifier): leadership qualities.
4. the leaders as a group of a party, union, etc.: the union leadership is now very reactionary.

Not to forget = qualities to follow vs those not to follow:
honesty vs arrogance
confidence vs dishonesty
knowledgable vs selfishness
intelligent vs ignorant
ability vs rude
willingness vs indecisiveness

Leadership styles = transformational or transactional

Many organizations require from leaders the ability to set and communicate goals, motivate, inspire initiative and empower the followers and facilitate change. Such style of leadership is known as transformational. On the other hand they may require effectively coordinating the subordinates in accordance with procedures and standards; this type of leadership is typically referred as transactional.

Transactional leaders achieve set goals by acting within established procedures and standards. This leader assigns specific, well-defined tasks to subordinates and requires that they fulfill their responsibilities and meet standards precisely as prescribed or agreed upon. As far as reward and correction methods are concerned, think of the “carrot and stick” approach. The transactional rewards are material (e.g. raise, award or “job security”). However, psychological rewards are also present in transactional leadership (explicit positive feedback, praise).

When might such leadership be useful? The transactional leadership style may, for example, be useful in crisis management or in emergency response, and in situations when activities must be carried out efficiently and exactly as planned.

Transformational leadership generally aims at higher goals than transactional does. Transformational leaders achieve the goals by inspiring and motivating followers and encouraging their initiative. Transformational leaders are able to create vision. They are able to establish a shared vision and sense of purpose among team members.

Transformational leadership goes beyond just monitoring the performance of the followers and being reactive (providing negative feedback and corrective action when noticing an issue). It also puts a great emphasis on being proactive, establishing long term goals, facilitating change, seeking continuous improvement, and giving the followers an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

More here

To conclude = how to improve your communication skills?

• Pay attention and listen carefully.
• Make notes and sketches.
• Ask questions and repeat your understanding of what was said.
• Be sure others are listening before you speak.
• Speak slowly and clearly.
• Draw diagrams, if needed. Ask those receiving information to take notes.
• Have the listeners repeat their understanding of what was said. Encourage questions.



Brilliant post about leadership today, Claudia. It is certainly so relevant to things that are happening in my country at the moment. Politicians, Journalists, the very top Policeman, are all guilty of fraud and it makes you wonder just who CAN we trust. Where were their leadership skills. it's the honesty v arrogance that rang a bell with me. All the people above obviously were so arrogant that they thought they could get away with the things they were doing.

I concur fully with Diane's well-articulated comment. There seems to be a problem with leadership worldwide, and the over-riding issue would certainly seem to be arrogance. A leader should command respect...modern leaders often take it as their RIGHT and, if they don't merit respect, they DEMAND it!

Thank you for another thought-provoking post, Claudia. I hope you're having a relaxing Sunday at home, too :)

You just described my last job to a T. My assistant was more the transactional manager and I was the tranformational manager. I had the visions and he was responsible for getting the team to meet the expectations. It worked so well. You cannot do it all by yourself. You need to be able to delegate and monitor results, think of ways to be proactive rather than reactive. Some days I miss it, but most days I don't.

I agree with all the above and I feel you are still dealing with emotions from the last work journey. Leadership is a hard cloak to wear well and carries its very own set of burdens and obligations. Leaders in our country seem to be turning into sheep being led by the pied piper of lobbyists and the allure of fame. A lot of railing and whoa but not getting anything done for the country. A real quagmire...a real mess.

Carry on, you are a leader that cares...bless you~

@Diane - the lack of leadership is an issue everywhere in the world at the moment, but in the end is our duty to request more honesty right?
@Desiree - had a wonderful Sunday, very blessed!
@Barb - well my description of leadership is one of many, there are so many type of leaders in this world, right?
@Sush - you are 100% right, still thinking of my job, it's not so easy to turn the issues away! And thank you for your words of appreciation!

Anonymous says:

Hey, I'm you're 100th follower. Do I win anything? Seriously, great post! Great posts on transactional and transformational leaders. Have a great week!

@Stephen - wow, my 100th followers, thank you! What you won? A new follower on your side :)

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