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Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book

It is amazing how a little bit of sun is influencing your mood. I am so happy today, had a wonderful day so far! End of August, school has begun in Hessen, Germany, but the weather is providing holiday hints, ideas of escaping in nature or of laying under the sun and forget any negative thoughts! I am supposed to write about school, but after today's walk all I can think of is free time, so here we go, my picture journal.

P.S. I hope I will be forgiven since I cannot focus on the school theme :)



lovely photos today Claudia. It all looks lovely, and most of all that gorgeous blue sky! So pleased you have some sunshine there for your weekend. We had heavy rain here this morning, but bright sunshine now, and very warm. Yay!!

I love your photographs. It's exactly how I imagine your part of the world to look, but what's with all those padlocks? :)

Oh I would love to touring with you! How beautiful it all looks. Sunshine and nice temps have been present for us today.


@Diane - we suddenly get a wonderful sample of summer, I am so grateful. I am so alive :)
@Sarah - a sign of expressing your public love. Some have their name carved on the lock!
@Sush - anytime, I'll be your guide :)

I like these houses a lot, they are in the south of the Netherlands too, well a few of them ;)
Have a happy weekend, Claudia xx

@Saskia - enjoy your weekend as well!

Beautiful photos! I really need to visit! - Susan Dusterhoft

These photos are beautiful. Don't you love it when the sky is so blue and there's no clouds? The sun shines down and makes everything look so pretty. What a beautiful city. I love the architecture in the last 3 pictures especially. I've always been drawn to Tudor style homes. Great post Claudia. Makes me feel happy!

You live in such a beautiful place. Even the building are lovely. I'm glad you are relaxing.

Lovely views you have! I'm so glad that get get to enjoy the sunshine. We had storms here today. We needed a little rain, but it seems to come too much at one time!
Oh and, of course you qualify for our giveaway. If you win, we will indeed send it to you there! :-)

Beautiful photos and beautiful blues sky, perfect. I started reading Love To Love You Baby i'm really enjoying it thanks so much.

@Susan - let me know when you decide!
@Barb - that is exactly what Peter mentioned yesterday, that he loves the deep blue against the powerful green. It is a lovely city, and the weather was supporting the view!
@Belle - it was a great walk yesterday!
@Laura - thank you for the good news, curious if I will :)
@Green Tea and Cupcakes - it is a really lovely story, I enjoyed it a lot!

What a lovely stroll through such picturesque scenery!! Amazing how all these places are a little less crowded with school in session. :D
Brilliant twist!


Thank you for this. This is "my" city. I can almost taste the Apple Wine and soda sitting on the banks of the "Maa" or "Hib-de-Bach". I really miss this city.

@Celeste - you can always return!

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