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Posted by Claudia Moser on 3:37 PM
My blogging friend Belle made a wonderful list, called My List of Awesome, which was so appealing that I thought I would give it a try.

What is my awesome list?

1. Waking up on a sunny autumn Saturday with no plans whatsoever, just to enjoy the day!

2. Walking with Peter and Naila in the park or in the forest

3. Having a coffee with my mother on our special terasse

4. Baking with grandmother (this actually implies that I talk and watch and she does all the work, but it comforts me!)

5. Knitting

6. Reading while sipping a nice cup of tea with lemon and honey

7. Writing

8. Shopping with girlfriends

9. Going out with my best girlfriend

10. Laughing / cooking / talking with Peter (the list can continue for ever)

11. Smiling while writing this post :)

Anyone wants to take it over? Awesome idea, Belle!



what wonderfully awesome things! I'd have to agree with you on all of them. And isn't it amazing that none of them really cost much money... most cost no money at all!! I think your list is awesome!

@Kathi - thank you, they give me the energy to forget the daily unpleasantness :)

I love your list and more importantly, what it says about the person you are :) You have the capacity to enjoy life at its simplest and purest and that, young lady, is a rare gift in a world so consumed by materialistic greed. This is one of the things that makes you such a loving, caring and thoughtful person and why we, your followers, really relate to you. Enjoy your evening!

Anonymous says:

Nice list, I like it :)

I love your list Claudia.

What a lovely idea to have a "list"

I really like the fact that most of the things on your list are so simple and spent with family or friends.

May you have many many "awesome" moments.

x Fiona

I also love your list, Claudia. When Kathi said they were all free it made me stop and think. The best things in life are truly free like the song says!

What a sweet list :)

That Belle, she's always coming up with neat things.
I like your list. Maybe I'll give that a shot soon too, and give you and Belle a shout out.

I love your list. I have to think of my own now :-)

@Desiree - what a wonderful comment you made, thank you!
@Eva - me too :)
@Fiona - I try too, just invited my husband for a walk this afternoon :)
@Belle - you were my inspiration, thank you :)
@Becky - thank you!
@Rick - so true, Belle is very creative indeed! Do try, it is fun!
@Sarah - will love to read it!

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