What do you love?

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What do you love is the the question Darlene posted under this Friday's BFF theme and it is indeed challenging because in the end what do I love?

The obvious and fastest answer: my mother, my grandmother, my husband, my father, my brother, my other grandmother, well my family! But also my friends, who are the chosen family and who will always be there, loyal, dear and caring.

But what else?

Driving with my little red car on a autumn afternoon with the windows down and enjoying the speed and the sun!

Cathing a smile from children in the park

Naila asking me for cheese

Discovering the perfect pair of shoes for my collection, which is growing each month.

Getting an amazing comment on my blog which brightens my day and allows me to forget all the worrying work issues

Noticing that my presence makes people happy

Traveling with my husband

Chatting with my niece who is in Edinbourgh and listening to her talks

Getting a phone call from my brother at 8am just to get re-assurance that all will be well and he did make the right choices!

Drinking a nice cup of coffee under the morning sun, or in the afternoon, actually at any time :)

Finding new wool for knitting, like in the small shop in Tallinn, which was simply breathtaking!





the list could actually go on for ever, it is true that there a thousand things you love! Good point!



It looks like your biggest love is for your family. I like what you did here with this topic.

@Darlene - well yes :)

Happy post! There are so many things to love in life. Today, I bought some new kind of treats for my dogs and they loved them. Even dogs love things and people I guess. :) Love is such a great and happy word.

Wonderful list! And, yes, how is it ever possible to list EVERYTHING we love? Enjoy your weekend!

Oh my goodness, i could go on forever on this subject! What can I say? I love to love :)

Oh my goodness, where would I start? Love your list.

Anonymous says:

Lots of wonderful loves!

I love this post! :)

@Belle - I am sure dogs also love things! It is indeed a wonderful word!
@Desiree - almost impossible indeed! And you as well!
@Emma - so true, you said it well love to love!
@Sarah - thank you my dear!
@Beth - simple ones as always!
@Jo - I am glad!

Lots of wonderful, beautiful things to love...but you started off right...with your family.

Love...nothing better!

@Susan - with whom else? And you are right, it is the best!

Lots of wonderful things on your list!! Brilliant!


Thank you Kathy for your words of appreciation!

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