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I so love awards and even if in this case it is one which I have received before, but this time Idziher thought of me which is very kind and sweet.

I am supposed to tell you seven things of me and I decided to share my day with you:

- I woke up at 7am and had the surprise of seeing a clear sky and wonderful sun
- I took Naila for a crisp morning walk
- I bought lovely bread and had a wonderful breakfast with my husband
- I washed 4 machines today which might sound a lot, but I was 1 week away so it makes sense
- I brought lovely yellow crystanthemum which decorate each room and bring so much light
- I cooked dinner for friends and had a nice laugh
- I am tired now :)

As for the choice of fellow bloggers to receive this award this is always so hard! But here we go:

Fiona from Raindrop and Daisies
Jo from My wandering mind
Sush from First do not harm
Beth from Word Nerd Speaks
Susan from Today's Working Woman
Sarah from Empty White Pages
Eva from Eva Ason's Art Corner
Darlene from Bloggity Blogger
Laura from Stoopin' It in the suburbs

Thank you once more the award Idziher, and ladies for being such a great support!



Anonymous says:

Good evening Claudia, it seems like you have had a very busy day! And thank you so very much for the award - that made me smile from ear to ear :-)

Have a nice and relaxing evening!
Hugs x

Congrats Claudia. They do make you feel good when you get them don't they? You are definitely loved! Hugs

Congratulations on this Award Claudia. You certainly deserve it! And congratulations to the other nominees as well. You've picked some good ones there! That was a good way of telling us some things about yourself - concentrating on the day that you have just had.

Thank you for the lovely award :-) Hope you get a good night's sleep !

What a lovely day!

@Eva - you are welcome, happy I made you smile
@Barb - for sure they do :)
@Diane - I thought so to :) lovely ladies who give their constant support.
@Sarah - I dropped like a log LOL
@Belle - it was indeed!

Claudia...why thank you for the award and I will give it much thought before answering and passing it along! Your day sounded very lovely...and isn't great when we can go back to having ordinary times with our spouses and they become lovely special moments!

Hi Claudia,

Happy Sunny Sunday to you!

Thank you so much for my award I am delighted, you are very good thinkig of me.

I will pass it on soon.

Fiona x

@Sush - I am happy you accept it :) I am looking forward to your post
@Fiona - for sure I am thinking of you, you became a very dear follower for me!

Claudia thanks so very much for the Versatile blogger award. I am touched. I linked it back to you.


@Luara - you are more than welcomed! :)

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