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Am I not a blessed blogger? Two awards in one week! Thank you Jenn, very kind that you have thought of me.

The rules?

1. I must tell 7 things about myself

2. I must pass this award on to 15 other bloggers!

So let's start with item no 1:
- I only wear silver, somehow gold makes me uneasy
- Currently my favourite colour is again blue, like 10 years ago! Should In interpret anything under this? :)
- I love coffee (I know this is not new for some of my followers, but I truly love coffee!)
- I don't like to use lipstick
- I love my orchids
- My favourite winter relaxation in the evening is ... knitting of course!
- I like watching football :)

And now to hard part, the decision for item no 2. Here we go:

Thisisme from Southhamsdarling
Barb from This and That (As I bounce through life)
Belle from Tales from a Loser who is sometimes a Winner
Jilda from Transformation Information
Rick from Life 101
Becky from Just Being Me
Emma from Gawgus Things
Laura from A simple Happy Life
Langley from My rich and random life
Diana from Random Blogging Writes
Joyce from Catch my words
Fiona from Raindrops and Daisies
Brenda from Raised Eyes
Carol from Facing 50 with Humor
Michelle from Hot Pink Combat Boots

Please spread the award as you wish :) And thanks Jenn :)



Congratulations! And I loved learning more about you, although I did know about your love of coffee :)
Hope you're having a GREAT evening, relaxing quietly at home with your hubby.

Awww, Thanks Claudia. I'll save this one for when I get back from my trip. I too love my coffee. Plain, black coffee. Yum!

@Desiree - I would gladly give it you as well, but since you have an award free blog, I respect your choice :)
@Barb - can't wait for your 7 items :) and of course what happens while you travel!

I didn't know you liked football, me too :-)

Hi Claudia,

Another award - wow!!!

Well done to you
but you deserve it so much.

Thanks for mentioning me,
I really appreciate it.

I am running behind with my posts
so will try to catch up over the next few days.

Is it just me or do you find that time runs out?

Hope Peter is in good health
and that you are well.

Be in touch soon

x Fiona

@Sarah - :)))
@Fiona - no worries, I am looking forward to read your next posts. And thank you, Peter is doing better. Take care!

Anonymous says:

Congratulations to your award! :) You deserve it!
Enjoy your evening!

@Eva - thank you for your nice wishes! You as well!

Congratulations on the award...love reading new things about you. Knitting...what a lovely pasttime! And I think you selected a fine group of recipients. Can't wait to read things about them..

@Sush - thank you! And I love to knit, so peaceful and productive!

Great award, and thanks for giving one to me. I love going to football games but don't watch them on TV. I love silver and gold - I'll take either! Orchids are gorgeous.

@Belle - you are more than welcome! I am looking forward to read your post!

Thank you Claudia!! I will repost when I get back to the states.


@Michelle - happy you found, safe travel to USA!

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