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I have discovered Elfriede Jelinek in 2001 via the movie The Piano with Isabelle Huppert in the starring role. The film moved me deeply and I had to read the novel as well. It was disturbing somehow, very moving and deep. Mrs Jelinek managed to discover in me feelings I did not often have while reading, but this made me read more ie Liebhaberinnen (Women as Lovers) and Die Ausgesperrten (Wonderful, Wonderful Times).
Mrs Jelinek is an Austrian novelist and playwright who came to international awareness when she was awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize for Literature. Jelinek's works frequently explicate relationships of domination and the distasteful hidden truths that underlay both personal relationships and society as a whole. She is famed for both her chilling frankness and her powerful, innovative use of language.
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I can remember when she got the Nobel prize. Haven´t heard anything from her in a while. Hope she´s still writing. Have a good day dear Claudia, it´s raining here in Austria. Very good for the grass and my roses :)

I read the novel, did not see the movie. Thanks for sharing ;)

I should read the book. I was not a fan of the movie. The Piano and The English Patient...not my cup of tea. I know I was in the minority...

never seen it

Cool J-Day post and tribute.
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Anonymous says:

Very interesting!

haven't read her work, but this spurs me to do so. Consider her added to my list of "to be read". Thanks!

The Piano was one of those films I meant to see but never did. You have reminded me about it.

Another interesting woman writer to learn about. I haven't seen the movie or read the book but I'd like to.

Elfriede looked like a tough lady with that cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Not a shrinking violet, I can tell.

Cattitude and Gratitude

Anonymous says:

She sounds interesting and looks like a woman not afraid to speak her mind. Nice!

What a great iconic black and white photo. I loved that film, The Piano. Good choice today.

She looks like the type who would be frank yet powerful.


She certainly appears to be a force to be reckoned with. If her writing is as strong as she appears to be, it sounds worth a read.
Great 'J' word and author.
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@Sofia - I didn't hear that she has a new novel either, but maybe one day she will surprise us. We will get lots of sun on Sunday, or at least I hope so!
@Jenn & Linda - welcome
@Talya - well that is the reason why we have so many tea sorts :)
@Adam - maybe one day
@Laura - good
@Amy - I hope you will enjoy it
@Miss B - nice
@Writercat - I guess she can be tough if she wants to
@Linda - she is interesting that is for sure
@Diane - I am happy you find it interesting
@Joyce - good description
@Kathy - try it!

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