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As per instructions: This week, we’re doing something a little different. Instead of a word or picture prompt, we’ll be free writing. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, it is exactly what it sounds like. You sit down and write whatever comes into your mind for 15 straight minutes. The goal is not to write a story, article, or even anything coherent.

Timer on

Arnold raced out of the door and he was indeed very annoyed. His sister kept on knitting while he was trying to explain how the day went, completely ignoring his presence. Why does she keep on knitting shawls? Why does she find that so fascinating? She started with beige heavy wool and ended up knitting a blanket like shawl. But she did not give up, she went to a sky blue one (and he must admit that one was not so bad), followed by one deep blue. She was into the blue line. Now, after finishing his requested white and black shawl, she is busy knitting one green shawl for their mother. Yes, he understands that this might be a nice Christmas gift bur why ignore him? He wanted to explain, he just wanted to have someone to talk to. She is so dedicated to her crafts project, but Lydia used to listen to him before, she was always there.

Arnold went walking on the empty streets, strange how in the winter at 7 o’clock in the evening the city seems to quiet. Actually not winter yet, today is the 1st of November 2010, so late autumn, but somehow despite the mild temperature winter was lingering just around the corner.

Sharky’s restaurant just nearby, a funny name for a fish restaurant which never served shark. But it had lots of yummy dishes, like baked salmon with wild rice. That was a nice idea for Arnold, he should make a reservation soon, and maybe Lydia would join him. Oh! Lydia again in his mind.

So what exactly did he want to tell her? He had a horrid day, so much to do and not really concentrated. His mind was drifting apart during the 10 working hours. He was so relived to realized, at 6pm, that he could actually go. And then he just wanted to see Lydia, share a nice cup of latte macchiato and just talk in front of the fire. But no, she was just knitting, smiling at him, but miles away.

So now what to do? He did not want to go home, he felt like he had to walk. Look, his favorite coffee shop, Madera, sadly not open at this hour. How he loved the elegant wooden comfortable chairs, the nice atmosphere, his waitress, always there, Birgit with a nice smile, always running. Birgit who knows what he wants before ordering it, namely his latte with a slice of chocolate cake. Does he eat too much chocolate? A trip to the gym? No … That does not really sound nice.

Walking, walking … And then Carmen appears in front of him.

- Arnold, good evening!
- Carmen my dear! This is indeed a surprise. What are you up to?
- Oh just running to the gym!
- Oh really? That is indeed funny, I was thinking if I should go there myself, worried about my chocolate sweet tooth … But decided against it.
- So then what are you up to? Why walking alone? Where are you going?
- Just walking!
- Lucky you, Arnold! You are special to be able to enjoy the simple fact of walking.
- Well, actually …
- Arnold sorry to interrupt you but I really need to run. I will be late and then the babies need my presence.
- Oh yes, Max and Moritz. Arnold said with a fine grin under his moustache
- Don’t smile, it fits them! I know that Dennis choose very funny names for them, but the two darlings are great!
- Of course they are, sorry Carmen. Do run and we will catch up soon.

Carmen started running, literally, finding a fastest route to Mrs Fit among the small streets in the old town. And Arnold was still alone. He was wondering if he should continue his walk or not or just maybe find a place to rest. Suddenly home sounded nice. But he not so convinced, he knew that he will end up working even more, the computer was always lingering itself in his mind and he knew he will start it and finalise the reports due for tomorrow morning. A never-ending story, there were always reports due, and his boss Jessica was so demanding.

And then suddenly he heard a cry coming from a corner. It was as if he was not sure that he heard a cry, but he knew there was someone or something in pain. So he turned briefly to try to identify the source. He looked eagerly in the darkness and then he saw it. It was a little puppy dog, a kind of Collie dog, all curled up in between two houses. The dog must have felt his presence since he tried to lift his head to look up at him. Two big dark eyes were looking in the direction of a tall, blond and somehow handsome thirtyish young man. And then Arnold knew, this is why Lydia was ignoring him tonight. So he can find this little thing. His dog …

Timer off, and now I wonder what this all means and what you think of it?!



For a fifteen minute word purge, this is fabulous. I wonder what you can turn it into with some editing time.


@Joyce - well I guess I could edit it, but what shall I do with this? What do you think?

For 15 minutes this was great. For me I'd probably write "Hmmm, what should I write about?" haha.

Anonymous says:

This was an awesome 15 minute free write...I wanted to read more!


@Barb - well for me as well, I somehow went on writing without thinking!
@Beachlover - the question is: what should I write next?

Wow, that was so awesome. Great job.

@Laura - thank you :)

What an intriguing piece to come out of the blue for you :-)

@Sarah - I know, I am re-reading it constantly :)

Anonymous says:

You can't not write stories (sorry for the double negative...). How cool is that?!

I can't believe this just 'came in to your head'! What a fabulous imagination you have :)

@Beth - well appearently you are right :)
@Emma - thank you, I sometimes wonder myself!

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