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Having a car is a luxury, this is the statement of the day. I miss my red car, not having it shows me how dependent we became of her (please not it is a SHE not an IT, as being part of our family LOL).

We had a small encounter with a wall in a parking house and now she needs a new door. It is not something dramatical, but still it requires more than 10 days of repair. Amazingly in Germany the procurement of a door takes longer than I imagined. Anyway this means for me one thing: bus and S Bahn, namely train.

Waking up each morning at an exact time to reach the bus is easy, I am already having my old rythm back (I had a carless time in my life before!). Waking up, washing, fast decision what to wear, a strong espresso, kiss for Peter, off! I manage to be in time in the bus station and as always you meet the same people waiting there. You know by know that the youngsters are isolating themselves with Ipos which are so loud that you get a mix of Eminem, Bushido (a German rapper) and some unidentified music in the bus. Sorry to say but this music is getting on my nerves, maybe it is the mix or maybe just the fact that I don't really like rap.

The adults are either reading, or catching some seconds of sleep, or just watching the traffic. Me? Watching people, love to do that, to see how their interact (if at all!), how they prepare for a new day. And trust me Monday is hard for most of them.

Then I have 7 minutes time to wait for the train, luckily till now I had nice mornings, no rain, just a bit of autumn cold. Lovely to breathe the morning air. In the end being carless is not that bad, right? :)

And yes, this afternoon a small walk will also do me god. Love September colours!



Sometimes it is nice not to have a car. When I lived in Vancouver I took the bus everywhere, it was much more relaxing.

hi, im new to this blogger. how do i find new blogs to read? do i just keep pushing "next blog" (how i found you) or is there like a main page?

@Mamabear - good question! I guess by reading :)

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