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Posted by Claudia Moser on 4:56 PM
It is very hard to explain how I feel. I'm so happy to be with my mom and granny, to sleep in my old room, to walk in my neighbourhood, to see familiar faces, to meet old friends. But at the same I miss my husband, my house, my current environment. It's kind of being torn between two worlds. But actually I realise how lucky I am, to be able to enjoy both. Currently I am in my favourite coffee shop, Friends, waiting for a friend, with a cold lemonade and an ice coffee in front, smiling at me. Life's good!



Enjoy it! Many of us don't have an old room to go back to so that is a great thing to cherish.

It must be nice to be able to go back to your old house, but I can understand you missing your husband and your own house. Just enjoy the time that you have with your mum and granny. I'm glad that life is good at the moment! Take care.

Hey Claudia, tell mum and granny I said hello.
We had to move my mom into a nursing home late last year and part of the process is that we had to sell her home.
It recently sold, so my sisters and I spent the morning sorting through her personal things getting ready to transfer ownership of the house to someone new. It was not an easy thing to do.
I said all that to say this: cherish each moment you have with your folks. Time has wings.
p.s. Jilda says hello.

That is how I feel when I visit my sisters, so happy and yet missing my home.

there is no place like home, enjoy every moment and every hug and every smile! wish I could be there to have a coffee with you.

@Barb - you are so right, sometimes we fail to appreciate what we have. Thank you!
@This - wonderul time with my mom and granny, loved every minute!
@Rick - yes, I can understand your feelings, it is not easy, but even more reason to enjoy life!
@Belle - home as well? Can't wait to read your adventures!
@Jilda - someday I have a feeling that you, Rick, me and my hubby we will have a coffee together! Just wait and see :)
And by the way glad to be back! Have some catching up to do :)

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