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D Day, another letter, another word. This time deadline.

Projects are a very important part of my professional life, somehow project management was always there no matter which job I had.

Some of the lessons I learned so far in tackling deadlines:

- Plan better. Think ahead about the deadlines you have and those you set for others. Is there a way you can soften them? Break them into smaller steps and write them in your calendar.

- Reward yourself for the small steps you complete and show appreciation to others who complete the task you asked of them.

- Be realistic, not everything is feasible and doable in a short amount of time.

- One thing at a time

- Promise to deliver. However, while committing is crucial, as noted, never over-commit or exaggerate your capacity. Know you limits!

- Double check your results before submitting them.

And to finish in a happy tone, some cartoons to smile:

Photo from here

Photo from here



Funny cartoons, and those are good lessons you have learnt in respect of deadlines. I liked the one about rewarding yourself and about showing appreciation to others who are also doing well.

Hi Claudia,

Excellent post - always full of poignant information which we all can use.

The cartoons are an added bonus for sure!

Smile, Jenny

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Great post!

Very good points. I tend to say yes to everyone and then pay for it with all nighter. blessings, Joanne

I like this and it works even if they are self-imposed deadlines, which most of mine are.
Jan Morrison

Deadlines. Thy enemy, they ally indeed!

I've read the most important promises are those you make to yourself. Some truth in that. If you can plant deadlines for yourself, and approach them as if they were for someone else, it can be a great motivator...

D: Devious Devices from the DeMoulin factory

These are excellent points for work. Thank God I don't work! I couldn't stand the stress.
You sound like a great boss, Claudia.

@This - yes, I thought of adding a bit of salt and pepper to the post.
@Jenny - thank you, this challenge brings up so many ideas, so happy I joined, thanks Belle :)
@Desiree & Joanne - thank you!
@Jan - self impossed deadlines are the toughest :)
@Belle - well I don't know if I am a great boss, I try to be fair!

@Joe - I agree with your point, deadlines are for me a motivator not an inhibitor. I work best under the 'pressure' of time. Probably my personality!

Claudia, I haven't had a project deadline or a book deadline. I know that I procratinate too much, though. Some day that's going to bite me in the behind.

MM the Queen of English

Hey Claudia, one thing I sometimes do is start too many projects at the same time. I like doing it this way but it drives my poor spouse Jilda CRAZY.
Good post.

oh Claudia, this was great, cartoons were wonderful!

@Queen - lucky you :)
@Rick - multitasking ain't bad :) This could be an idea for a post! Good hint!
@Jilda - you are so sweet thank you!

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